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What are Digital Marketing Campaigns?

digital marketing campaigns

True to the original meaning of the word ‘campaign’, in the digital marketing world it refers to planning and execution made toward reaching a desired objective. Digital marketing campaigns are conducted online and in such they are not very different from offline campaigns. The sustained effort to generate online leads, get them to engage with published content and finally drive them to a point of sale, those are three phases of a digital marketing campaign that you have to keep in mind.

A digital marketing campaign is designed in three tiers: planning, development and management. In the planning stage, the factors taken into account include identifying the targeted customers, the objective of the campaign and how long the campaign will be conducted. In the next stage of development, you have to consider the various digital marketing channels and how you are going to use them. You have to think about your marketing message and which is the best possible way to reach out to your audience. In the final stage, the question of management comes up, where you will have to evaluate what has been done. Evaluating the campaign will teach you lessons that will come in handy going forward.

There are various finer points in this broad categories or stages. For example, you have to consider the question of budget. Digital marketing campaigns, like every other campaign, are run on money. It is true that some of the digital marketing channels are free but you need to pay the experts who will work on them to optimize them for your brand. Budget plays the central role in deciding on a digital marketing campaign. With a bigger budget, you can work extensively and tap premium services of free platforms for better results. With a shoe-string budget, you have to pick and choose what’s best for the campaign because you can certainly not tap every online avenue available.

Research is the cornerstone of every digital marketing campaign. Before the campaign is launched, you will need data to back up your plans. Otherwise, you will end up throwing money and resources at the wrong end of the pool. With sufficient data gleaned from reliable sources, your campaign will have a stronger backbone. After all, you will need specialists to work on your campaign. Trained personnel alone have the best chance to take your campaign to the heights of success.

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