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What are Digital Marketing Channels?

digital marketing channels

Any avenue or platform that helps in marketing products and services online can be labelled as a digital marketing channel. These are ways in which you sell or promote something online. Like the traditional model of marketing, digital marketing contains a marketing funnel as well, where leads are generated and then carried forward till the sale is clinched. The only difference is that the entire process is conducted online. So, the channels or pathways needed for the generation of leads and the final culmination in a sale is also different from traditional, offline methods.

Some of the most useful and effective digital marketing channels include:

  1. Social Media Marketing: This is surely the most popular and efficient way of connecting with your customers and tapping new ones. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are getting more users every single day. Potentially, all of these users are consumers waiting to be tapped. By the use of tools offered by these social media networks, you can launch targeted marketing campaigns online so that you can reach out to users who are more likely to buy your products.

  2. Search Engine Optimization: This is another time-tested method of digital marketing. Using search engines to bring users to a website or blog is more effective in generating online leads. With the use of keywords that are keyed in by searchers in the search boxes, content is optimized. When the content shows up on search engine pages, users respond to them by clicking and visiting your website. If they like what they see, your job is done.

  3. Email Marketing: This channel of digital marketing is particularly useful for customer service and touching base with existing customers. Newsletters and promotions emails are sent to subscribers’ databases, informing them about products, services and other titbits. Receivers of these emails can respond through emails, phone calls or visits to websites.

  4. Online Advertising: Advertisements online can be paid or free. You can post ads on websites, blogs, search engine pages, social media networks and mobile apps. All of them fall under the ambit of online advertising. Like its traditional counterpart, the job of online ads is the same: grabbing eyeballs and leading potential customers to a services page to make a purchase.

  5. Website: Your biggest digital marketing channel is your website. A beautifully and logically designed website, with great content, is the best digital marketing channel. People visit websites more these days for information than make phone calls. If you have a good website, your digital marketing job is half-done. Websites can inform customers, encourage them to buy and even be a platform where they can buy.

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