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Who is a Digital Marketing Specialist?

A digital marketing specialist is a multi-faceted job. If you are a digital marketing specialist, you will have to handle the online marketing department of a brand or company’s products and services. This involves promoting the brand online through various avenues and platforms, developing a marketing plan to reach as many customers or clients as possible and leading these customers through the marketing funnel toward making a purchase.


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In other words, a digital marketing specialist has three different levels to master, promotion, marketing and selling.

If you borrow an analogy of a person handling the job of marketing on an offline basis, it will be easier to comprehend the entire gamut of roles that a digital marketing specialist has to play. The difference is in the use of tools. Because the job title is of a ‘digital’ marketing specialist, it will require technology for the most part. However, the use of technology does not make it something totally removed from the basic tenets of marketing. For example, maximising profits and returns on investment (ROI) are still the major goals even in digital marketing.

A digital marketing specialist has to know a bit of everything required to carry out online marketing. The most obvious areas where you need good practical knowledge and experience include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, online reputation management and basic ideas of website development and designing. A digital marketing specialist needs to be a decent writer as well or you will not be able to handle the demands of constantly updating social media networks or posting on blogs and websites.

If you plan to pursue a career as a digital marketing specialist, you need to have a nose for marketing. You have to study and analyse the marketing techniques and modus operandi of A-list brands and companies. You need to study social media posts and blogs written by such brands in order to get a pulse of how they are reaching out to customers and clients. Digital marketing is learnt as much on the job as in classrooms. You need to be innovative and creative in your digital marketing ideas so that you are always one step ahead of the competition around you.

Lastly, a digital marketing specialist cannot rest on their laurels! You have to constantly update yourself with new technology and techniques to remain in the hunt.

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