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Why Digital Marketing Fails


Just like any other form of marketing, digital marketing has its own share of pitfalls. There are various reasons why digital marketing can fail. What’s worse, you may not have a direct control over these reasons! That is why it is such a tough job. Digital marketing is all about planning and then hoping that your plans will fall into place. A lot of it depends on how your audience reacts to the marketing initiatives you take. When they like what you publish, your marketing and lead generation goes through the roof. The other end of the spectrum is a reality, too.

Let us look at some of the reasons why digital marketing fails. The first reason is the most obvious one: lack of market research. Before any brand launches a line of products or services, they have to conduct a marketing research to find out if there is a market at all for such products and services. If not, they have to tweak their product or service to fill in gaps in the consumer market. The same is true for digital marketing. Before launching a marketing blitz, know your target audience and check what kind of content they are willing to consume.

The second reason for failure is lack of implementation. You will be surprised by the number of brands which keep delaying the release of a marketing video or blog post because they are too busy fine-tuning it. As they say, perfection is the enemy of ‘done’. So, your job as a digital marketer is to publish your content without worrying too much about the impact. Yes, you cannot hurry things and give our half-baked content but it is also not advisable to keep delaying things. That way, your competitor may get the first-mover’s advantage, which is more important than anything else.

The third reason for failure is lack of coordination between the different wings of your digital marketing team. There is social media, there is SEO, there is web development, there is content writing and several other wings. All of them have to be on the same page and work toward a common goal. Otherwise, each of them end up pulling the campaign in diverse directions. Before launching the campaign, everyone should understand their role and what they need to contribute. They cannot work counter-productive to each other. As a digital marketer, you have to keep them on the same wavelength.

Digital marketing efforts fail for other reasons as well, like lack of proper budgeting. Low budget isn’t always the culprit. Failure to manage funds effectively, especially when the pockets are not too deep is a concern. Digital marketers also need to realize that all of what they publish will not go ‘viral’. So they must set a benchmark and follow it instead of going for gold every single time. Inadequate competitor analysis and wrong understanding of what products and services you are marketing are other reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail.

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