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Will Digital Marketing be Automated?

can digital marketing be automated?

Will Digital Marketing be Automated? According to a report by McKinsey, only 13% of the existing jobs in the market can be taken up by a robot, and marketing is among the 85% of the jobs which are in the safe zone!

Before you consider your career as a digital marketer completely safe right away, you need to know some more insights. For starters, you should know that automation isn’t something new in the digital marketing sector. Industry veterans will tell you about those days when link building, a strategic part of online marketing, was done manually! It took a lot of time and effort before some parts of it started getting done by automated software.

What changed was that the time factor became very crucial. As is obvious, manual jobs took more time while the automated tasks were carried out quicker and error-free. All you had to do was program it according to your requirement. Then you had to monitor the progress and step in when necessary. But this form of automation has not spread out to engulf the other aspects of digital marketing, like content writing.

Yes, there are software that give you variations of the same content and pass copy detected bots, but they will not retain the flavor of a human-written copy. Making a copy unique is something that robots and artificial intelligence will not be able to do. Moreover, even when a copy can be simulated with software to bring in the feel of a human-written content, numerous others will use the same software and cut down on the unique factor of the content. The same goes for copies for social media, online ads and the like.

A lot also depends on how you handle your work as a digital marketer. You have to be innovative and intelligent, something that robots cannot be. If you mentally distinguish yourself from automated software, you will never go out of business as a digital marketer. You need to realize that digital marketing is more of a skill than a job. Think creatively and use automation as a digital marketing tool. Right now, completely automated digital marketing is like science fiction.