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Will Digital Marketing Die?

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The simplest and direct answer to this question is NO. It is true that the face of digital marketing will change in the near future and the dynamics of marketing online may go a sea-change in the years to come, but the core idea will only grow bigger with time. It is also true that some trends of digital marketing which you find useful and effective today will fizzle out with time, only to be replaced by other trends which are nowhere on the horizon now.

Digital marketing is being used by the best minds of technology and marketing on a global scale. It is obvious that these brilliant and diverse innovators are creating or tweaking things around every single day. New ideas and methods are coming into the picture because the digital marketing pie is getting bigger. There are also more digital marketers in the arena than ever before. Moreover, more brands and companies are taking their products and services online to tap a global consumer market. How do you expect such a thriving industry to die anytime in the future?

What will primarily keep digital marketing alive is the exponential rise in the number of internet users across the world. Each new user of the internet through a smartphone is a new potential customer added to the digital marketing audience. Brands will love to reach out to these users who are far flung from their geographic location. Without the internet, there is no way a brand in urban Boston can sell something to a remote location in rural Bengal. What will change in the future is the manner in which digital marketing is done.

For example, brands often have digital marketers post content on their blog or website just for the sake of offering something fresh. There is little planning or thought behind this kind of content creation. As a result, they serve no purpose other than filling up webpages. The same kind of practice happens on social media networks. Digital marketers who are otherwise unaware of social media practices, post irrelevant content and expect their followers or friends to take them up for discussion or sharing. More often than not, social media followers are added forcibly or through dubious means.

These digital marketing practices will not live long, that’s for sure! Most smart digital marketers have moved away from these methods. To identify which practices are annoying the audience at large, you need to think like a member of the audience yourself. What are your pet peeves as a consumer of digital marketing? Pop-up ads are one, for sure, you may answer. So, the next time you design a website or web page, get rid of pop-ups. Or videos that auto-play. You may shove some content down unwilling throats in this manner, but in the long run, the move will be counter-productive.

Digital marketing is here to stay for a long time. The trappings may change, but the essence will remain.

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