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Will Digital Marketing kill Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Will Digital Marketing kill Traditional Marketing? To know the answer to this question, you need to understand the major points of difference between these two forms of marketing. Broadly speaking, digital marketing qualifies as online and traditional marketing is offline. So it’s the internet that is creating the whole difference between the two. Also, digital marketing is evolving every day, so it has the potential to drive traditional marketing out of the picture!

However, you should know that traditional marketing has its own strong base. This is true for many of the people who are not tech savvy enough. But you will have to look around with a flashlight to find people who don’t Google for a product or service! Even if they find some bit of information through traditional marketing forms, like newspaper adverts, they verify the material online before going ahead with their decision to make a purchase or not.

Digital marketing may not be able to kill traditional marketing completely in the immediate future, but it is surely taking giant strides to make that happen! Have you noticed how people check out reviews and ratings before they make up their mind about a particular brand or company? People don’t shy away from asking their contacts on social media networks. In such times, how can any business run without relying on digital marketing by hopelessly expecting that traditional marketing will see them through? Check why digital marketing is important.

Smaller brands have a better chance of making an impression on customer groups with digital marketing. The costs incurred are lower and with the geographical barriers taken off the equation, they have a larger audience to tap. They can connect with buyer groups that were probably outside their sales circle. Traditional marketing can seldom make that happen.

Older business houses still swear by traditional marketing. They are unable to read the change of wind direction. To stay relevant, traditional marketing has not been able to tweak itself enough to be acceptable. On the other hand, digital marketing is a dynamic field that innovates and explores new avenues every day. Even if you feel that your primary buyers are offline, you should embrace digital marketing to tap buyers who you didn’t know existed.