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Will I Like Digital Marketing?

digital marketing

If you are a youngster with job satisfaction on the top of your priorities, you must often ask the question, will I like digital marketing? You can answer this question for yourself when you look at some of the aspects of this job. Anyone looking for a career in a particular industry has to note how their prospects will be on a long-term basis. In this regard, digital marketing comes out with flying colours because the market expands every single day. To put it in other words, every single person getting access to the internet through a smartphone expands the digital marketing sector! So if longevity is something you prefer, you will surely love digital marketing.

Secondly, you must be hoping for creative satisfaction in your job as a digital marketer. There is plenty of room for that because the creative scope is huge, and so is the option for innovation. You have to be creative enough to understand what kind of marketing messages will suit your targeted demographics. Similarly, you have to innovate and find out which platforms of digital media will be more penetrative with your audience. There is a lot of data analysis involved, along with writing, designing, interaction with customers, both existing and potential and many other opportunities to love this job.

Thirdly, you will surely like digital marketing if pay packets give you a boost at work. More brands are expanding their digital marketing budgets and allocations. They are willing to cut down on their traditional marketing areas and concentrate on digital marketing. This has brought in higher pay packets for digital marketing experts. If you are good at your job and know how to deliver what clients want, you will earn more than what you would with similar years of experience in any other field. Other than your day job, there is also scope for freelancing and adding to your income.

Fourthly, you will like digital marketing if you hate stagnation in your career. Other than digital marketing, very few other careers give the opportunity to learn something everyday. What you learn today can get obsolete in a few months’ time! So you have to constantly update your knowledge base. You will have to pick up tips and tricks by studying other digital marketing initiatives. You can learn from techniques and campaigns launched and run by brands on the other side of the globe. It is quite stimulating to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Finally, you will like digital marketing for the various employment opportunities it offers despite specializing in one discipline. So even if you are a social media expert who learns on the job that writing content is your calling, you can quickly change streams and become a digital media writer. The boundaries of digital marketing inter-disciplinary streams are fluid and vague. You can change track midway through your career without harming it in any way. Your experience will stay relevant and you can enrich your present discipline through what you have learnt in a previous capacity. No other professional field offers this kind of fluidity in career choices.

If you are still undecided, a course in digital marketing will help you decide if you like it or not.

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