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Digital marketing strategy for a social photo sharing or portfolio website like

Ok. In this type of site organic SEO is second method to get traffic. For first initial boost , you need YouTube ads, facebook ads and LinkedIn ads. So we can keep things this way. The TG is mostly creative people and professionals who want to showcase their portfolio .so the strategy is like this below –

Organic way – find out the place where your TG is. Example – on linkedin message those people personally who are in this profession …artists, designers, ad makers …message them to join …offer referral bonus ..

Secondly , create contest on LinkedIn and Facebook to sign up and upload portfolio …create winner of the week or winner of the month ..or featured portfolio …

Thirdly , add referral program , invite your friends and get free homepage featured or get rewards.

Fourthly , ask them to write blogs on your platform and then ask them to share ….this way you will get more footfall

Fifthly , write editorial blogs on the website ( this is required for SEO, research keyword and maintain frequency of weekly atleast one or 2 )

Sixth, start an affiliate program and ask other bloggers to write about you and give them affiliate commission for writing about your site.

Inorganic way – ads on LinkedIn

Ads on Facebook ( click to website )

Ads on google ( display and YouTube mostly , then search )

Purchase database of web designers or creative people from pan India database providers and regularly bulk email them.

Purchase mobile /WhatsApp database and Create WhatsApp group / bulk WhatsApp software and broadcast messages.

Try a few influencer marketing , join LinkedIn or Facebook creative groups and ask the admin about price to share post from their group …or ask any influencer LinkedIn member to write a LinkedIn pulse for you .

Also you can try editorial space buying on leading related media houses in India…like yourstory, , inc42 etc

April 23, 2019

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