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Combine Facebook and Email Marketing for eCommerce Success

combining facebook and email marketing for ecommerce success

How to combine Facebook Marketing & Email Marketing for eCommerce success

Linking Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing for eCommerce success: Many digital marketers make a cardinal mistake even today: they compartmentalize the different tools of online marketing. In a fluid world, especially in a dynamic domain like internet marketing, tools overlap and coalesce. Combining tools brings the best of two worlds together, giving your brand an unprecedented advantage. The flip side is that if you don’t know the tricks well, you may end up with the worst of both sides! In this post, I will share my thoughts about bringing together social media, represented by Facebook, and email marketing for ecommerce sites.

Joined at the Hip: Email Lists, Facebook Custom Audience & Facebook Lookalike Audience

It would be wrong to assume, for starters, that email marketing and Facebook are distinctly different. No, they are not! At least, not anymore. Facebook advertisement allows you to use email lists in custom audience. Even if you keep Facebook ads out of the picture, email lists can come in quite handy. Here’s how. Every ecommerce site collects emails from buyers and subscribers to promotional content. These email lists can be segregated according to heads that suit your purpose.

For example, if you sell shoes, segregate email lists according to the type of shoes picked up by these buyers. Knowing the buying patterns of customers give a clear indication of what they might be interested to buy in the near future. You will know about their preferences and with a bit of insight, grab data from Facebook. Combining email lists and buyer information with Facebook will give you a clear shot at targeted, specific social media marketing and promotion. Less of wastage, more of impact.

Coming back to Facebook ads, you are allowed to upload email lists. Facebook will offer you data by combining your uploaded email lists with similar buyer profiles. This will bring you in touching distance with a whole new circle of probable buyers. You can target them and create content aimed at these potential buyers. Your email list should exceed 100 and Facebook will generate a lookalike list. The larger your list is, the more data you can mine from Facebook because they will have a wider pool of data to glean from.

Launch both Flanks Together

You don’t have to fight for buyers with a single weapon at a time. You can do that simultaneously. That will give you a lethal age, more so when time is a major player in the arena. Look back at how you start your day daily after logging into your email. There are promotional emails sent out by brands. They talk about sales and additional discounts. You forget about it as soon as you check into Facebook.

What if there was the same kind of promotional content waiting for you on Facebook? On Twitter? Forgetting wouldn’t be that easy, would it? Most buyers are impulsive, especially during sale days. The hitch to getting to them is that you are not stressing on it enough or overdoing it. Three to five emails with the same content in a day is overkill. But offering the same content on emails and social media simultaneously drives home the point.

Identifying the Sale Buyers

Sale and extra discount days are norms of the marketing world today. You hear about Flash sales and limited period sales all the time online. There is a dedicated section of buyers who pick up products and services only during these sale phases. You can be quite sure that the next time you offer a sale, they will again be tempted to buy something! Identify them. When you offer a sale, during a product launch, for example, pick up email ids and list them under a head titled ‘Sale’.

The next time you offer a sale, make sure you create additional content for these subscribers on an email template. Follow this up with something similar on Facebook for these sale buyers in particular. The point will hit home and bring you dividends, I can personally vouch for that!

The Final Word

In the digital marketing world, opening up new flanks is the way forward. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to a particular avenue. Instead, use as many as you can to get to as many people as you can.  

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