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Google’s Latest Mobile Search Insights

google mobile search insight

True to its motto of constantly innovating and updating their knowledge banks, Google has conducted a survey on mobile users using the internet. According to the findings of the survey, 53% of the respondents would immediately leave the mobile site if the page loading time exceeds 3 seconds! This average is faster than even the time users allot for searches and site visits through laptops or desktops.

Now the concern is that a survey of Google on mobile sites has come up with some damning information: the average time for a mobile landing page to load is 22 seconds. That is much higher than what an average user is willing to allot for a site. What this essentially means is that mobile sites and landing page owners are fighting with their hands tied! Their sites do not load faster than what their users expect from them. End result: they migrate to other options.

No matter what the industry or the genre of the site, users are not willing to spend (read waste!) a moment longer than the one where they make the click on a link. They need the site on their screen almost instantly, without any consideration for the site or web page’s volume or content. Ecommerce site users abandon their shopping carts if they find that there is a second’s delay in the page uploading time. Google has evidence that 70% of the web pages with visual content above the fold takes about 7 seconds. Now, with time elapsing from 1 to 7 seconds, the probability of the user abandoning the page rises by about 113%!

All is not lost for mobile site owners, though. Google has underlined that by a simple compression of images and texts, 30% of web pages can bring down their volume by 250KB. You can use the Test My Site tool of Google to find out how you can make your site lighter on the bandwidth, including the degree of mobile friendliness and page uploading speed.     

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