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How to Use On-Demand Content for Lead Generation

on-demand content for lead generation

What is on-demand content?

On-demand content & lead generation: Lead generation is a tough game these days, and growing tougher by the day. The attention span of your audience out there is growing thinner. Their mind is being pulled into several directions, forcing their hand to prioritize tasks. Unless they have paid handsomely for something, or they are in real urgent need of it, your audience is shying away from content that you are badgering them with.

The case I’m going to make for on-demand content will be simpler with the use of an analogy. Have you noticed how people use Netflix and other on-demand video channels online? Watching TV shows on the telly at designated hours of the day, or evening, is slowly becoming a thing of the past! People are not willing to wait for a particular time to watch their favorite shows. Instead, they want the video content delivered so that they can watch it at their own convenient time.

This is very similar to recording sports or TV shows on the DTH recorder so that you can watch the recorded content at a more suitable hour. Using such content frees up your schedule.

From the perspective of the content creator, the probability of a content being viewed shoots up sharply. Take the case of several webinars that you subscribe but don’t show up for! Despite the trouble that the webinar organizers go through to put the whole thing together, it rarely pays rich dividends because subscribers don’t bother to turn up.

This works backwards as well! When you organize a webinar as a lead generation tool, the low turnout and feeble response undoes your hard work. However, if you put up the content as an on-demand format, people can watch it as per their convenience. This makes more sense as an online lead generation tool than live webinars. If your audience cannot show up at a particular time, you have to show up at theirs! It’s as simple as that.

There are various benefits of creating on-demand content to generate leads online.

I have organized and participated in webinars and I write this from personal experience. Each time there is a drop in link or the microphone goes for a toss, (Once there was a power outage as well!) there are tremors in the heart!

Technical glitches are just around the corner for live events. Despite your best efforts, these will crop up. Some are beyond your control. These do not happen for on-demand content. You can fine-tune your work just the way you want, keeping all variables under your control.

The opportunities for lead generation in on-demand content are much more than in webinars. Usually, you can generate leads through webinars at the end of the session, through registrations.

For on-demand formats, you have more chances to do so, including exit pages inviting them for the next session. You can have registration turnstiles at the end of every on-demand episode. It’s like having a door in each room, rather than a single door for all the rooms.

You have more chances to boost the production value of your videos through the on-demand feature. You can try out crowd-sourcing to pool opinions and ideas. If you have already produced webinars, you must have an idea of what works and what received more responses. For your on-demand content, highlight those aspects. Develop a production plan and work on it. The thumb rule is simple: show what people want to see. Once you have hit that target, you can use the attention you have already bagged to showcase what you want them to see.

On-demand video content is a new way of generating leads for sure. You have to master it sometime down the line. As far as I see it, unless you change the dynamics of your game with the situation, 2019 will set you further back.

On-demand videos put the users first, something that even giants like Google and Facebook are striving to attain every single day. Once people get a hang of what you are putting out, they will seek you out. That will be when your lead generation initiative will go on an auto-pilot mode.

So long then! 

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