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More Shopping Ad Ops on Pinterest

More Shopping Ad Ops on Pinterest 1 - Pinterest Shopping Ad

Pinterest is among the most popular social media platforms online. People share and upload information through ‘pins’, as you are aware. Now, digital marketers have an opportunity to upload ads alongside these ‘pins’. This feature was available on Pinterest earlier, but it was limited to only a select group of companies. With the current change kicking into action, more companies now have a shot of uploading shopping ads on Pinterest.

Why should you bother uploading ads on Pinterest? Or go through the rigors of filling up forms and asking permission to be granted access to uploading these ads?

These stats will make the questions easier for you. 90% of Pinterest users say that they buy online through this social media platform. Pins on Pinterest often have the additional function of being shopping buttons, leading to pages where you can actually buy the product. So, within the framework of the social platform, you can shop for products or services you like.

Moreover, 70% of the users on Pinterest admit to using this platform to find products that they want to purchase.

In other words, Pinterest is a minefield of users who are ready to buy from your brand, provided you make your products available and visible on their device screens. It’s as simple as that!

It also means that there is an existing group of potential customers waiting to be tapped. With these ads being automatically generated, all you need is a landing page with the products and the option to buy online.

So, get cracking on find ad ops on Pinterest for your brand. In the coming days, the opportunity will be available for a wider group of brands globally.

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