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New Trust Indicators for Content on Google


The doubt on accuracy about information gleaned online is as ancient as the internet! People are often questioning the authenticity of information they gather online, especially if that material goes against the general grain of their own understanding of the subject. And there is enough reason to question what you read online. More often than not, content makers punch in promotional material and misleading information to fulfill their objectives, leading unsuspecting readers on the wrong path.

Of late, there is an effort being made by every big player online. Facebook and Google are definitely at the forefront of this initiative to ensure that you read authentic information. Or at least, you know the source of the story and its background. Now, Google has launched 8 new trust indicators that will help you establish the genuineness of a story. These trust indicators are a clean sign that Google is serious in its drive against malicious, fake and misleading content on its search results.

Among the indicators, you will find subheads like Best Practices, Author Expertise, Type of Work, Methods, Citations and References, Diverse Voices, Locally Sourced and Actionable Feedback. As the names on the subheads indicate, Google is looking at all the sides and sources of a story, even labeling them to be identified as stories with local roots, origin or expertise. This kind of detailed labeling against stories will ensure that readers are able to know what they are reading.

Content makers can label their pages with HTML tags. When these indicators are rolled out in a short while, they can tag their articles likewise.

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