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The Journey to the Perfect Product Page

How to build a better product page for your ecommerce website!
how to optimize ecommerce product pages

Every digital marketer knows that despite building up the influx of online traffic, it is quite hard to clinch conversion into sales. You do the hard work of bringing people to your ecommerce website and product page, but the expected sale does not happen. When the sale is not done, the entire effort falls apart. There is a lot riding on the product page. It has the power to convert your online lead into a sale.

This is where the importance of the product page lies. Contrary to popular belief, a product page is not about a dazzling image and an excellent sales copy. It is true that these are two integral elements of such a page, but they are just two parts of a whole. You need other factors to kick in as well. Without these other factors, the product page falls weak. In this post, I’m highlighting some features of the perfect product page.

Ecommerce Product Page URL Structure

First tip: work on the URL of the product page. Often, in their zeal, digital marketers of ecommerce sites ignore or neglect this important matter. On a search result, the URL of your product page must not be a study in alphanumeric characters! Rather, it should clearly mention the name of the product so that searchers are not confused about what they might find if they click on the particular URL.

Users have options at their disposal. You should not and you cannot afford to play guessing games with them! Instead, optimize the product page URL with the name and brand of the product. Start following it like best practices.

Product Titles

With the URL sorted, the second tip is to work on the title tag. As soon as I mention title tag, SEO connotations set in. That should not be the case with your product page. Remember that a user will buy from your product page, not an algorithm. Your aim is to be visible to the user and cater to the attention of the user more than an algorithm.

Keywords and user intent

To be visible in an SEO context, you need to include keywords. It is necessary evil. But don’t let it dominate your title tag for the product page. You should work out a title that strikes a balance between the need to include a keyword and make it attention-grabbing from the perspective of a potential buyer. User intent matters.

Proper use of images

Let us now come to one of the two features of a product page that is most popular and much abused: the use of images. High-resolution images are a must. There is no secret in that. What I will insist on is the size of the image. The potential buyer should be able to make out the intricacies and details of the product from the image.

Life-like images that mirror the experience of actually holding the product in the hand is the need of the hour. The image should not be too small or big. Small images miss out finer details while their extra-large counterparts are heavier to upload and do not fit the average screen space. You also need images from multiple angles.

Product Videos

The next tip would be the use of product videos. Some marketers might exclude videos thinking that nobody watches them. It is a clearly wrong idea. Videos can sell products better than written words. The video should highlight the product and the convenience factor. You can even upload videos on YouTube and provide a link for the user to watch the video there. This way, you can optimize the video on YouTube as well.

Written text or Product Description

Finally, we come to the written text on the product page, the second part of the more obvious feature of a product page. When you write product descriptions, use the keywords as ornaments, not the bedrock of the written text. You are writing for the probable buyer, not simply the search crawlers. The logic is the same as I outlined for the title tag. Users buy. Crawlers don’t.

Reviews & Social Sharing

There are other minor details that fill up the product page, like the use of reviews and social sharing buttons. These are all ingredients that cook the perfect broth! Use them judiciously and you will get the mix right to create the perfect product page.

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  1. Very precisely pointed out, especially the success story of resonates totally to your inference to use proper and high resolution images. Their growth almost doubled and they made their first breakthrough only by observing that their site was not clicking because of the low resolution images of the apartments up for rent and accommodation, videos even better. Sharing this on twitter!

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