Google WMT & Search Console

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After completion of this chapter you would be able to maintain Web environment of a website by identifying system requirements, installing upgrades and posting updates. You can also monitor website’s total performance with the help of Webmaster Tool.

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So to start with, we would explain what webmaster tool is all about with the context of site health & SEO. Now it is also very important to know what can you expect out of this module, so this we would give you a clear picture of What you will get here. You would be able to see how you can check the search query for last 30 Days through WMT.

So now, when you have already understood the necessity of Keywords Rank, content keyword, backlinks, anchor text etc and now you would understand the implication of Keywords Rank, Content Keyword, Backlinks Details, Anchor Text, HTML issues, Robots.txt & Sitemap Checker, Security Issue, Penalty or Critical Messages, International Targeting, Structured Data, Page Speed & mobile responsiveness checker, Sitelinks & internal Links with the help of WebMaster Tool.