Website Planning & Creation

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Key learning from this chapter are:-

  • What is domain & how to book it?
  • What is DCP & name server? What is web hosting & type(Shared,VPS,Dedicated,Cloud)
  • Softaculous automatic script
  • Wordpress, Joomla, Majento etc
  • Wordpress Theme & Backend Design & content best practices
  • Maintenance and Security,
  • E-commerce Concept, FTP Concept
  • Server Error Code

So through this chapter you would be able to create a website by yourself in CMS platform and optimize the website through our digital marketing expertise.

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This chapter would be initiated with with the concept of domain and how to book that. After that we would explain what DCP & name server is all about. After doing that the web hosting & type of web hosting like (Shared,VPS,Dedicated,Cloud) would be elaborated. Now the concept of Softaculous automatic script would be explained. After that the differentiation of various platforms like CMS,Wordpress, Joomla, Majento etc would be shared.

We would share the concept of WordPress Theme & Backend, WordPress tutorial resources, Design & content best practices, Maintenance and Security, E-commerce Concept, FTP Concept, Server Error Code etc in this chapter.


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