You See Live View of A Location on Google Maps

In its attempt at adding a real time look at different locations, Google Maps has introduced a new feature. This new add on to the facilities offered by Google will ensure that the users can have a real time feel of the area they search on Google Maps during the busiest hours of the day. The aim of adding this feature to the Google Maps is to make it more user friendly. The searcher can understand how busy the area actually is during that particular time. This helps the user deciding on whether to visit that place at that time or on a later date at some other time.

The new addition of departments of different stores and their service hours make the process of searching on Google Maps, even more practicable. With specific information, it becomes easier for you to decide when exactly to visit the car wash section of your nearest auto repair shop. Google Maps lets you know when exactly the car wash section of that store starts operating in the morning.

You can understand whether the service will be available right after you reach there or you will need to wait in the queue for your turn. Be it a visit for getting some important service or just a pleasure trip to the bar for weekend celebration, you get a chance to measure how much time you might need to spend there. You can schedule or reschedule the trip depending on importance of the visit or that of some other work.

Google values its users’ time and create all possible measures that these users can take help of in planning the day well before the actual rush begins.

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