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Why Smart Future Marketers will Increase Page Speed?

page speed

It is in the best interest of the business to keep profit level high that you should increase speed of the pages of your business website. There are certain reasons why investing in Accelerated Mobile Pages can actually prove beneficial for your business.  Take a look at the benefits,

  1. It has been noticed that high page speed has a direct correlation with increased sales.
  2. Expecting all other variables to remain constant, high speed of page results in a ranking boost. All variables often do not remain the same. So, making major changes to the site just for increased page speed is not recommended.
  3. Never install widgets and plugins on WordPress unless they are absolutely essential. Only install the plugins used to detect the bottlenecks causing the site pages take more time to load. However, you should uninstall them after use.
  4. GTMetrix, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, are a few effective tools to measure page speed.
  5. You should check the page speed, every time changes are made to the site. In general, it is a good thing to be in the habit of checking page speed frequently. Google Search Console is there for checking crawl stats. It is good to have a low crawl time for any site, as low as possible.
  6. Everytime a new tool like AMP is in the market, you should try to make its optimum use for optimising speed of the site. It has direct association with improved user experience.

Henceforth all site owners should pay extra attention to the effort of increasing page speed for improved user experience that has direct impact on business-profit.

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