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The Mechanics of Google’s Manual Penalties


What is Google Manual Penalty?

Algorithms are not always capable of handling the misuse of Google’s search engine, though they are the preferred means of doing so. There is a strong case why algorithms are allowed to decide on the question of penalty. Other than the obvious one of being impartial to sites in taking the penal action, there is also the question of uniformity. It is not enough that you prevent one site from misusing Google’s search engines. It is necessary to stop all such other sites employing the same kind of means.

It is only in times of extremity that manual penalties come into the picture. These cases are for sites which swing to extremities in abusing the search results and spamming keywords incessantly, despite repeated and numerous warnings. The best part about these manual penalties is that they are not taken entirely by a single team. Manual penalties are imposed by a team and they have to be reviewed by another team. This makes the whole process of manual penalties impartial and objective.

The practice of getting a team to review an imposed manual penalty gives hope to the webmasters that Google does not take the question of penal action lightly or casually.

An example of manual penalty could be Google’s action against companies which continued with job listings that were not valid anymore. Expired job listings were asked to be removed immediately within a period of time. Defaulters were charged with manual penalties.

There is a lot of difference between a penalty and the inability of site to grab ranks. Sometimes, sites not being able to rank use the excuse of penalties. A good way to know the difference is to check if the site has been indexed by Google. If there is a SERP index, it shows that the site has not been penalized and is just not being able to rank.

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