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The Reality about the Myths of Viral Content

The Reality about the Myths of Viral Content 1

The only formula about viral content is that there is no formula.

Content creators all over the globe, be it writers, photographers, editors or videographers, strive to deliver something that spreads online like wildfire. Every brand worth anything is looking for content creators who can deliver content that ‘goes viral’. However, this search for viral content often ends in disappointment. Most of the content created with the aim of taking it viral falls flat on the deck or doesn’t reach the intended dizzying heights of online popularity.

That leads various sections of online content creators and digital marketers to question: is viral content a reality or a myth?

To answer this question, this piece looks to shed some light on some of the realities surrounding the myth of viral content. Let’s take them apart one at a time!

Myth 1: Viral content can be recreated.

No, it cannot! When you watch a competitive brand doing something that has caught the attention of the online public, you are tempted to try something similar. That is the worst mistake you can make if you want to gain popularity.

If you want to imitate the success of a viral campaign, don’t imitate the content of it.

Instead, spend time to think of something new and unique. You are more likely to create something that gets instant popularity this way than walking on a path where someone else already has a significant first-mover’s advantage.

Myth 2: Viral content is all ideas, little expenditure.

While it’s true that spending hefty money on a campaign cannot make a mediocre idea fly, the inverse is true as well, except for a few cases. You cannot take content and make it take off with a shoestring budget. You need earmarked funds to research and develop content that has potential. If you look at the history of the kind of content that has gone viral, only a few of them were constructed with little money. Most of them were the results of a lot of hard work and expenditure of dedicated resources.

Myth 3: Viral content spreads organically.

Again, it does not! You may feel that content that has spread out in a short time did so with the help of numerous faceless netizens. But the reality is that it can only happen if you promote your content through the right channels, both paid and otherwise. You need the backing of influencers and have to get the demographics spot on so that people who are interested in such content get to see it. The rest is up to the merit of your content. External factors matter too, that are beyond your control.

It’s true that you will need some luck to create viral content. But it’s more about doing your bit the best you can.   

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