Top 3 Reasons to Go Cashless this New Year

It is not without reason that going cashless this New Year is actually beneficial for you. 7boats pins down the top 3 reasons for you to go cashless in 2017
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The entire nation has one single topic to discuss as we come to the end of 2016: the demonetization drive! The word ‘cashless’ features in every discussion among family, friends or colleagues.

After all the raving and ranting, you have to sit back and take stock of the situation. If you look at it from a positive aspect, this may be a good opportunity for you to start doing something that all developed nations of the world are doing: go cashless.

It is not without reason that going cashless this New Year is actually beneficial for you. 7boats pins down the top 3 reasons for you to go cashless in 2017:

  • Better Documentation: When you pay through cash, the only documentation you have are the ones you ignore to carry: the bills! The restaurant bills, the fuel pump bills and several other pieces of paper that you toss aside the moment you step out of the place in question. Later, you have nothing to remind you where all the cash went by and how!

Going cashless resolves this problem. You have a digital trail to trace every payment you make, through plastic cards or mobile wallets. You can keep track of expenditures and even cut down on silly ones, as you feel quite embarrassed later on to see the digital payment trails getting taller for trivial payments.

  • Lighter Wallets: Stashing up your wallet with cash makes them stick out of your pocket. Moreover, they feel heavy and clunky. Sometimes, when you stick them up in your hip pocket, you have to shift a little uneasily to sit comfortably! And you go through all of this for no valid reason whatsoever. Just carry a couple of plastic cards, may be debit or credit.

Additionally, stock up some money on digital wallets. It could be third party vendors like FreeCharge or PayTm. It could be on app cab wallets like Ola Money. When you do that, you are all set to pay your way through easily, without needing to fish out cash. You are hard pressed to find any cash anyway, what with queues outside banks and ATMs not getting any shorter. So, embrace the digital payment mode and live a stress-free life.

  • Loss Prevention: The worst nightmare of carrying around loads of cash is losing your wallet. When that happens, your cash is gone forever. You have no way to retrieve the money because you cannot provide the police with a trail and neither can they track it down. Cash is easy spending for the perpetrators.

It is different for cashless payment modes. The moment you realize your wallet is gone, a few texts here and there and all your plastic cards are blocked. No one can withdraw any money from these cards. If your phone is gone, digital wallets provide insurance against theft and you will get the stolen or misused balance back to your wallet.

Make the best of this demonetization drive and go cashless. It is the way to pay for the future. Join our cashless transaction course today.

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