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Types of emails in email marketing

types of emails in email marketing

What are the various types of emails in email marketing? What are the various types of email marketing campaigns? A quick look at my email inbox this morning and I was astonished at how most brands fail to optimize the email marketing medium! While smart technicians help them slip through into the inbox, instead of heading for the spam tray, most of these emails are deleted, unread and unopened. I’m not even considering the prospect of clicking on links embedded in the emails and the Click through Rate (CTR)!

To put out my thoughts on email marketing, I’m writing a couple of posts dedicated to this division of digital marketing. In these posts, I will talk about the types of emails (in this post). If you are thinking about launching an email campaign to put the word out about your brand, you can gather some vital information from these posts.

Introductions over, let’s get started! There are several types of emails in email marketing. I’m listing them here, not in any order of importance, but in a random manner.

Types of Emails in Email Marketing

  • Newsletters: This is the most common among emails that carry the torch of marketing right into our email inbox. These emails have information, often with pictures and images, along with backlinks leading to the website of the brand. Usually, newsletters are a weekly or fortnightly affair. Some major brands rely on monthly newsletters as well.
  • Blog Posts: These are emails that hop into our inbox with information and links about a blog post published on a blog where we have subscribed. More often, the blog post is all there in the email, so you don’t need to go to the blog and read it! Sometimes, the URLs on the titles and a bit of the first paragraph are embedded in the email, like the email that we put out.
  • Updates: These emails are like your personalized alerts, informing you about events, updates and other developments in areas where you show an interest. Usually, these are genres where you choose to receive alerts in. For example, when you subscribe to receive alerts on data backs from Vodafone, those alerts come via email.
  • Information: This is slightly similar to updates, except that these emails may come in to inform you about matters that you have no knowledge of. To borrow the above example, an information email from Vodafone might be about the launch of 4G services in a particular circle. Information emails can be educational as well.
  • Offers: This is the most common among all of these emails! Self-explanatory and most often, ignored! Offers in the form of emails give you an idea of price cuts, discounts, rebates, two-for-one and other deals. Shops these days often pick up your email id to send you these offers.
  • Reports: These emails can be audit reports or status updates on progress done in fields where you show an interest. For example, once you sign up with a project, non-profit or otherwise, they may continue to send you reports, annually or bi-annually, even after you quit the board! Reports can also come in from investments you have made or from insurance companies.
  • Transactional: This category is rather broad. It can be emails to confirm subscription or to confirm an order that you have placed. With more app-based activity these days, brands often sent you an email to confirm your email id. Transactional emails can be for ‘drip campaigns’ (automated emails pre-written and scheduled to be delivered to the inbox over a period of time) as well.
  • Lead nurturing automated e mailers

Types of email marketing campaigns

Apart from the previous list of types of emails in email marketing, there are a few more types of emails in email marketing campaign.

  • The Welcome Email Series. (Introduction, welcome emails)
  • The Standard Promotional Campaign. (Regular bulk e mailers)
  • The Seasonal Campaign. (Occasion based promotional campaigns )
  • The Triggered Email Series. (With automated email marketing, you can have a user’s action trigger a series of targeted and relevant emails.)
  • The Post-Purchase Drip. (With automated email marketing, you can send triggered based follow up emails)
  • The Connect-Via-Social Campaign. (Connect users to your social media via email marketing – Cross platform promotion)
  • The Newsletter. (Regular type smart e mailer like weekly digest or recap or weekly stories)
  • The Cart Abandonment Campaign. (Specific automated triggered e mailers for people who abandoned cart in your ecommerce store)
  • The Re-Engagement Campaign – A series of emails sent to inactive subscribers.

It is important to understand the kind of emails you want to write so that you can optimize them for better readability. Emails are not newspapers that the user buys and therefore feels obliged to read. Unless there is a genuine interest in the email the reader will barely glance at it! This interest is there only when the user is seriously concerned and anticipates the delivery of the email. For the rest 99% of the time, email marketers have to jostle each other for attention!

And what catches the eye before anything else when an email lands in your inbox? It is the Subject Line. Stay tuned next week for ideas on how to work subject lines to your advantage! 

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