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Watch Out for These Content Marketing Trends


As a content marketer, it’s most important to pay attention to recent trends in digital media. Being the first to adapt to recent changes in your industry will give you an edge over the competition. But there are times when you won’t be comfortable with every latest trend, but yet you have to stay up to date as it will give you an edge over everyone else. This year’s mantra? Stand out in the web with right content marketing strategy!

So, let’s check out few content marketing trends to look out for this year.

Let’s Welcome Documented Content Marketing Strategy

The enormous process of creating engaging and valuable content has allowed a lot of companies to connect with their target group/market, establish brand loyalty, trust, generate leads, grow business and eventually earn profits. Since 2017, content marketing is growing its popularity among numerous businesses, and many of them are already fixing up their budget for the next year.

Content marketing still remains as the ruling “king” in digital marketing sector but many companies are still struggling to document and implement the content marketing strategy in their business mostly because of lack of knowledge, ideas, budget, infrastructure or simply skilled people in this domain. According to CMI and its B2B content marketing report for 2017, 41% of content marketer have a strategy in mind, yet it’s not properly documented.

Though it is still unknown to many fellow marketers but documenting the correct content marketing strategy is as important as implementing the strategy itself. It actually provides a clear overview of the business’s goals and objectives from time to time, and allows the content writers to stick to the planned strategy and approach rather than to adopt short-lived trends.

The Ascend of Visual Content

By now most people are well accustomed with the major forms of content that are available, such as blogs, eBooks, white papers. Though these still carry the day in the content marketing sphere, but more brands are getting smart and creative with their content formats to break through the online mad race and stand out in the web. With this human made race, even search engines are updating itself with much more complicated algorithms and the bots are getting better at reading and analyzing images to determine the niche of the website. Companies are shifting slowly concentrating in creating high quality engaging images for their target audience.

From memes to gifs and infographics, we can expect to see more visual content in 2017, and businesses are concentrating more and more on promoting their business through emotional, engaging, exciting contents. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is what marketers believe wholeheartedly right now.
Let’s see where the trend takes us, will share more about Content marketing trends in future posts.

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