Most Important Personal Cyber Security Tips  & Guidelines

Keep Your Software Up to Date

Keep your software up to date. Use original OS & software. Enable auto update for browsers. 

Use Licensed Antivirus, Anti-Malware & Firewall

Use Strong Unique Passwords

Use alphanumeric 8+ characters password. Don't use nickname, b'day, car number, mobile numbers etc. Don't keep same password for multiple platforms.

Use 2-Factor Authentication

Always try to use 2-Factor authentication wherever possible. 

Learn about phishing scams

Do not open unsolicited emails or suspicious attachments, check website https SSL, don't click on suspicious POP up, Avoid tricky or suspicious links

Protect Your Sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Do not share PII such as name, phone, location, PAN, Aadhar, DOB etc to unauthorized person or publicly / digitally. 

Use your mobile device securely

Keep strong password, install app from trusted sources, Check app permission,  Don't share OTP or banking details, Don't click on suspicious SMS with payment link.

Take data backup regularly

Follow 3-2-1 backup rule. Keep three copies of your data on two different types of media (local and external hard drive) and one copy  on cloud storage

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Don’t use a public Wi-Fi without using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Review your bank accounts & credit card reports regularly

Keep a thorough check on each transaction. Use virtual keyboard. Don't do transaction directly under CCTV  camera

Keep a check on Social Media Profile

Don't share private photo or personal information publicly. Keep  your profile privacy settings in check. Check for fake profiles in your name.