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Marketing Analytics Workshop

Online course and workshop on Marketing Analytics & Marketing Intelligence. Learn Marketing Analytics & Marketing Intelligence.

Digital Marketing Evaluation Tests

Digital Marketing Exam, MCQ, Quizzes, Questions. Self assessment tests.

Off-Page SEO Evaluation Tests

Off-Page SEO Exam, Off-page SEO MCQ, Off-Page SEO Quizzes, Questions. Self assessment tests.

Strategic Digital Marketing Course

Learn digital marketing online in effortless ways. Simple step by step approach to learn digital marketing. Easy and painless. Available in Hindi and English language. 40+ hours of online strategic digital marketing course in India.

BIMS Digital Marketing Class Recordings

28+ hours of digital marketing certification course by Seven Boats Academy for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata - A premier B-School in Kolkata

SEO Evaluation Tests

SEO Exam, SEO Quiz, SEO MCQ, SEO Self Assessment Test, Search Engine Optimization Online Exam

On Page SEO Evaluation Tests

On Page SEO Exam, MCQ, Quizzes, Questions. Self assessment tests.

Google Ads Evaluation Tests

Google Adwords Exam, Quizzes, MCQ & Evaluation tests for students.

Workshop On The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

9+ hours online workshop on the most effective digital marketing strategies. Pro tips, techniques & tools.

Google Sheets Course

Online Training on Google Sheets, G Suite Spreadsheets, GForm & Gmail automation training through Live Zoom webinar session.