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Performance Marketing Course

The Complete Guide to Performance Marketing: How to Drive More Conversions and Revenue With Paid Traffic. Enrol in this performance marketing course by Seven Boats

Digital Ads Course

5 Hours Digital Ads course by Seven Boats Academy for London Business School. Advanced Google Ads course and Facebook Ads course.

Podcast Marketing Course

Podcast marketing course covering comprehensive guide to podcast creation, podcast content research, tools, podcast promotion & podcast marketing strategies. Audio marketing course to up-skill yourself with the market trend.

Neuromarketing Course

Online Neuromarketing course. Comprehensive course on Consumer psychology, Neuroscience & digital marketing. Learn about behavioural economics & create neuromarketing based marketing concepts and implementations.

Social Media Marketing Exam

Social Media Marketing Evaluation Test, Social Media Marketing MCQ, SMM Quiz, Social Media Marketing Assessment Test & Exam.

eCommerce Marketing Course

The most comprehensive eCommerce Marketing Course.

30 Hours Digital Marketing Course

Short term 30 hours digital marketing course for professionals.

ChatBot Marketing Course

ChatBot Marketing Course & Facebook Messenger Marketing Course.

15 Hours Digital Marketing Course

15 Hours Short term digital marketing course by 7boats.

Free Digital Entrepreneurship Course

Free Digital Entrepreneurship Course from Seven Boats. Learn how to become a successful digital entrepreneur.