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Nittya's journey so far with Seven Boats Academy

Nittya Balodia - Digital Marketing Student at Seven Boats got job at PWC

I am Nittya Balodia currently working in PwC SDC Kolkata Pvt. Ltd. as an Associate (Consulting and Deals). I did a digital marketing certification course at 7 boats. The course really helped me to understand how digital media can help you in creating a personal brand as well as a professional brand. It also gave me insights on what is latest in digital marketing industry. The proactiveness of my mentors at 7 boats helped me in understanding the value of “Personal and Professional Branding” that fetched me “The best Trainee- Induction Award at PwC”.

Your Video tutorial is so nice and easy to understand. Over all the subject of digital marketing so interesting. I am just trying to learn more.

 - Soumyadip Ghosh

Your videos are great

 - Argha Mondal

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  • Facebook - 112 reviews with 4.8+ rating. View here & here
  • Google - 166 reviews with 4.8 rating. Check here
  • Youtube - 52 positive reviews. Check here
  • Udemy - 500 reviews with 4.5+ ratings. Check here
  • Fiverr.com- 100 reviews with 4.5 ratings
  • Justdial - 151 reviews with 4.8 ratings
  • Trustpilot - 4 reviews with 8.1 ratings
  • Trustedcompany -4 reviews with 4.1 rating

Google Certifications cracked by our students

Google Adwords Certification by our student.

Google adwords certification by student of 7boats academy

Google Analytics certification by our student.

Google analytics certification by student of Seven Boats Academy

Google Adwords Certification by our student

Google adwords certification by student of 7boats academy


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Digital Marketing training courses in India - online and classroom digital marketing training course by Seven Boats

IIM Shillong appreciating the workshop conducted by Seven Boats

Kanchan Mitra

Kanchan Mitra - Student of Seven Boats Digital Marketing Academy

Presently an entrepreneur involved in developing business in the Private Franchising Industry.  LinkedIn Profile

Interview with our ex-students

 Hi Kanchan! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing entrepreneur. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats Academy?

As you would know that prior to my stint at Digital Marketing, I was working as a Banking professional, and had the opportunity to serve both Private Sector as well as Public Sector Banks for more than 14 Years. Following this, I decided to take up Digital Marketing. Have chosen Digital Marketing, I am absolutely sure that this is the Right Profession to be in especially considering the future. The fact that I was trained and continue to trained at Seven Boats, I know for certain that this is best thing, particularly given their immense knowledge and experience in the field. So I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, as a Digital Marketing entrepreneur, following my training from the very best in the industry. Read more

Vineet Khemka

Vineet Khemka - Digital Marketing Student from Seven Boats Academy

Assistant Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. Digital Marketer and Blogger at The Crazy Fat

Hi Vineet! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing Professional. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats?

I have taken the course to learn and implement digital marketing techniques in my startup. Seven Boats as an academy and Debajyoti Sir in particular have in-depth knowledge in Digital Marketing and he did not leave any query unanswered. His dedication towards doubt clearing is very good. 7boats academy and the teachers here are a “well” of knowledge. My advice is to not leave this opportunity and always keep asking silly, intelligent, geeky, etc questions. I would rate Seven Boats Academy as 10 out of 5. Anyone who wants to learn, with or without intentions to pursue a career in this field, should join this course immediately.
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Litesh Singh

litesh-singh - Student at Seven Boats Academy

Founder and CEO at Webizzoo – A trusted website design and development agency in Kolkata.

Hi Litesh! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing Professional. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats?

I have been in to web services for 5 years now. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug since the start of my career. It’s been a year i started my web development agency. The main impulsion behind joining Digital Marketing training program from Seven Boats was to accelerate my business and to achieve a sustainable growth. Being trained from Seven Boats i now feel more confident about my digital capabilities. To be able to apply all the skills I’ve learned and implement it into all my projects and even on my own website makes me feel very optimistic. This has also allowed me to win more business and expand the range of services that I offer. Read more

Arnab Ray

arnab ray - digital marketing student at Seven Boats

Owner, Founder of Avighna Property Solutions

Hi Arnab! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing Professional. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats Academy?

It feels really great after completing the training from 7boats. Real life practical experience and faculty from experienced digital marketer makes the whole training part very interesting and enjoyable. All the concepts of Digital marketing got cleared after the in-depth knowledge sharing by the faculties. Read more

Interview with industry experts

Joydeep Bhattacharya

joydeep bhattacharya - head of digital marketing TIS India

Head of Digital Marketing,

TIS India Business Consultants, Noida

Pro Blogger at SEOsandwitch.com

Truly you are a role model for our new students! Any suggestion for them regarding how to approach companies with your acquired knowledge? Or, for that matter how to start something of their own?

Many thanks for that. According to me, digital marketing is a sum of 4 skills – knowledge, creativity, patience and communication. If you have these 4 skills then you can become a good digital marketer. Work experience is necessary and practical exposure provides you with some vital insights that theoretical knowledge does not.

We expect you will give some rating of our Digital Marketing Training. What’s that?

I will rate it excellent. You guys are doing a great job in order to promote digital marketing and to train the future generation of internet marketing professionals. Read more

Placement of our students

Placement assistance at Seven Boats Digital Marketing Academy