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Data Analytics Training Courses in Kolkata

Data Science courses, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Certification on R, Diploma in Data Analytics. Predictive Analytics, Advanced Excel, SQL, R, Micorsoft Power BI, Machine Learning & Data Visualization. Classroom training in Kolkata. Whatsapp us +91 8017049042

1 Year Diploma in Data Analytics & 6 Months Business Analytics Certification on R – Classroom Training in Kolkata

Get 145 hours of extensive practical classroom training on data analytics. Advanced Excel, SQL, R, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Predictive Analytics & more. Industry expert trainer. Weekend classes (Saturday or Sunday). Instalment facility available. Join now.

Brief Course Outline: Data Analytics Training in Kolkata, R Training in Kolkata, Advanced Excel training in Kolkata

1) Statistical Concepts & Predictive Analytics : Get hands on practical training on Predictive analytics, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Polynomial Regression and Time series Forecasting .

Estimated number of Sessions: 12

2) R : Learn to apply predictive analytics concepts on R. Learn to do code on R. Learn to write algorithm which can make  any report automatic on R. R is a free and open source software. Anybody can download this software from Internet and use it. Learn  basics, vectors, Matrices, Factors, data frames, functions, Lists , Graphics, simulation, profiling and more.

For 6 month course: Estimated number of Sessions: 10

Session 1 :

    • Introduction about R programming language
    • R installation and Basic R Package installation
  • R Base code.

Session 2:

  • R base code

Session 3:

  • R Base code (Optional)

Session 4 :

  • Statistics Refresher

Session 5 :

    • Introduction to Predictive Modelling..
  • Linear Regression. (Simple and Multiple  Both)

Session 6 :

  • Linear Regression & Polynomial Regression

Session 7 :

  • Logistic Regression

Session 8:

  • Logistic Regression

Session 9

  • Time Series Forecasting.

Session 10 :

Data Visualization through R

  • Each session will be 1 day. Each session should be 3 hours class at least. Overall 30 hours class for 6 months Business Analytics class.
  • There should be 3 case studies of each statistical modelling. First case study I will show, 2nd case study student will do and last case study will be homework.
  • R Base code will cover all aspect of basic programming language ( Filter, Join,If else, function, loop etc)  except data manipulation part.

For 1 year Data Analytics Classroom Course in Kolkata: Estimated no. of sessions = 16

16 session. Each session will be 3 hours / Day. Total of 48 hours class.

On this session we will cover Regression, Tree Based Modelling,Classification Problem, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Linear Discriminant Analysis and Boosting Technique.
There should be Projects on Data manipulation, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and Time series Forecasting.​

R Training in Kolkata – R course Content for 1 Year Business Analytics Course in Kolkata.

Session 1 :

    • Introduction about R programming language
    • R installation and Basic R Package installation
  • R Base code.

Session 2:

  • R base code

Session 3:

  • R Base code (Optional)

Session 4:

Data Manipulation and wrangling in R

Session 5:

Data Visualization through R

Session 6:

Statics Refresher

Session 7:

    • Introduction to Predictive Modelling..
  • Linear Regression. (Simple and Multiple  Both).

Session 8 :

  • Linear Regression & Polynomial Regression.

Session 9:

Support Vector Regression intuituion

Support Vector Regression in R.

Tree based Modelling

Decision Tree Regression intuition

Decision Tree Regression In R

Random forest Regression intuition

Random Forest Regression in R

Session 10:

Classification Problem :

          Logistic Regression intuituion

          Logistic Regression in  R

Session 11 :

Logistic Regression in R

K- Nearest Neighbors intuition

K- Nearest Neighbors in r

Session 12 :

Support Vector Machine intuition

Support Vector Machine in R

Kernel Support Vector Machine

Naïve Bayes intuition

Naïve Bays in R

Session 13 :

Decision Tree Classification intuition

Decision Tree Classification in R

Random forest Classification intuition

Random forest classification in R

Session 14 :


             K-Means Clustering intuition

             K- Means Clustering in R

            Hierarchical Clustering intuition

             Hierarchical Clustering In R

  Dimensionality Reduction

           Principal Component Analysis intuition

           PCA in R

          Kernel PCA in R

Session 15 :

Linear Discriminant Analysis intuition

Linear Discriminant Analysis in R


         K-fold cross validation in R

         XG Boost in R

Session 16:

Time Series Forecasting.

  • Each session will be 1 day. Each session should be 3 hours class at least. Overall 48 hours class for 1 Year Business Analytics class.
  • There should be 3 case studies of Base statistical modelling.( Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Time series Forecasting ) First case study I will show, 2nd case study student will do and last case study will be homework.
  • R Base code will cover all aspect of basic programming language ( Filter, Join,If else, function, loop etc)  with data manipulation part.

3) Microsoft Power BI : This a Business Intelligence Tools for Data Visualization.  For reporting, you don’t have to pay. You can generate attractive and perfect visualization without paying and store the file into personal hard drive. Learn how to create dashboard on Power Bi.

Bonus->Tableau Overview:   There is another Business Intelligence tools for Data Visualization, named Tableau.  Tableau has 3 part – Tableau Public, Tableau server and Tableau Desktop.

One Important thing, One can master these visualization tools, if he/she is proficient in advance excel. Because, most of the visualization tools have been made based on the advance excel.So, you have to be proficient on advance excel.Otherwise you wont be able to write proper formula on Tableau and Microsoft Power Bi also.

Estimated number of Sessions: 8

4) Advance Excel : This is basic and most required analytical skill for every analyst. Every MNC and start up also checks your excel skill during interview time. so, one must have advance excel skill, Otherwise it will be difficult to get the job. Learn every possible part of advance excel (COUNT categories, SUM categories, ERROR categories, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, Nesting IF, Data Sorting and Filtering, Data Validation,Charting, Pivot tables, Text Formulas – CHAR, FIND, SEARCH, LEFT, LEN, RIGHT, MID, Date & Time Formulas – DATE, DAY, TODAY, HOUR, OFFSET Formula for Dynamic Case Handling, Using SUMPRODUCT Formula for Case Matching, Using INDEX-MATCH Hybrid Formulas as a better alternative of VLOOKUP Formula, Formula Editing Techniques, Formula Debugging Methodologies, Advanced Data Sorting and Validation, Introduction to Macros and VBA & many more )

Estimated number of Sessions: 12

5) SQL : Basic SQL will be needed, not so advance. Most of the companies want to check the data extraction part only.( Select, Group by, Join,Sub Query etc )Because, Company may provide you database access, so then you have to extract your desired data for analysis. So, data pulling skill will be needed & you will learn it here.

Estimated number of Sessions: 6

Datasets to be used in training: For each case/example, 1 dataset will be shown by trainer in class, 1 dataset will be given to students as class assignment to finish in class and 1 dataset will be given as home assignment.

About trainers: Our trainers are working professionals from direct data analytics industry having hands on experience on sales prediction using Linear Regression on R, customer profile analysis of taking loyalty-card using Logistic Regression on R, trend analysis and prediction of mobile app user by using Polynomial regression on R, making interactive Dashboard of Loyalty- card member using Microsoft Power BI, Sales Lift Analysis using SQL Server and excel, Relevancy Accuracy Test using R and Excel, Time Series Forecasting on R, Visualize the data and DAX formula into Power BI and more.

Data Analytics Training for Power & Utility Sector

Customised training course on Data Analytics, for professionals working in Power Utilities, so as to impart knowledge and idea about how to use available parameters of electrical power equipment for prediction of load pattern, fault, capex and revenue budget and other things like those.

Data Analytics Training for Power Utilities Sector- Seven Boats Academy

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