Arnab Dasgupta – Notable Alumnus of Seven Boats Academy

Experienced Photographer, Photography Trainer & Photo Journalist from Kolkata. Lifetime member for Photographic Society of America. His photography has been selected by World Press Photography. Judge in photography events for national & international agencies. Alumnus of Seven Boats Academy.
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Arnab Dasgupta – Among notable alumni of Seven Boats Academy



Call/WhatsApp: +91 70032 25251


I am a Photographer and a Photojournalist. I love to tell the different type of stories through Photography. 

I grew up in Kolkata and has been traveling far from home and taking pictures ever since childhood. On the occasion of my 5 years birthday, my father presented me his SLR camera and taught me how to reload the film, how to focus and how to set the exposure. Since then my journey is continuing as a photographer. 

After completing my Graduation I have placed in an IT firm. But I never quit my passion for photography, and I started freelancing in several ad agencies in Bangalore, India. But within 2 years I made my mind that I will pursue my career in photography. So I came back to Kolkata and joined a news house name AAJKAAL as a photojournalist. Working as a photojournalist for 6 years I got the opportunity to join India’s one of the largest Photography agency CAMARENA Academy as an Admin. Now I am pursuing my career as a professional photographer, photo mentor and judge for different National and International photographic agency.

Few sample photography by Arnab Dasgupta