How She Became A Confident Professional After Learning Digital Marketing

Hey there,

It’s Parvin here. Today I am here to tell you all my journey of seven boats.

Basically I am from Bankura and for my job i reside in Kolkata. I completed my graduation in mass communication . while i was pursuing MBA I decided to explore my career in digital marketing , henceforth I have joined seven boats academy. I started my classes , my mentors vijay sir and biplab sir gave me proper guidance about digital marketing. During my course I have worked in different live projects and gained experience. It was very easy to gain knowledge from them as they helped a lot.

During my courses, I have got the opportunity to work as an employee with seven boats info system pvt. Ltd. It has helped me in exploring my professional career and also boosted my confidence. It taught me communication skills, handle clients , resolving their issues, implementing plans and find better approaches. During my work life I have also enhanced my personal growth by imparting knowledge ,experiences from my colleagues and seniors. It is a great learning experience for me.