How This Guy Achieved A 85% Career Growth in 7 Months


I am Kutbuddin Saleh from Kolkata. Before joining seven boats I would begin with presenting my journey till here. Prior to joining Seven boats, I was endeavoring to shape a career with Digital Marketing as my profession. I have worked as a Marketing Executive in a company, however, there is a significant distinction between Digital Marketing and traditional marketing. Soon after a detailed analysis, I decided to make a career in Digital Marketing and undertake my journey as a Digital Marketing executive.

I joined Seven Boats 8 months back to uplift my career in Digital Marketing. I feel the firm has flourished me with a piece of exceptional knowledge and guidance. I have been trained in one of the most organized ways. Theory classes were elucidated with fine examples/live case studies. On the other hand, the practical classes which I performed were based on a live project. All these definitely helped me build a great deal of confidence and elevated by knowledge as to how Digital Marketing works.

Soon after the completion of my course, I decided to do an Internship from Seven Boats itself. Perceiving the supremacy of the company in the field of Digital marketing I resolved to start my career with them. After completing my one-month Internship, I was designated as a full-time employee. During this time I learned about the functioning of Digital Marketing profoundly well. Moreover, on account of my mistakes, I got to learn many new things from Debajyoti sir, Biplab sir, and Vijay sir.

After seeing my enhanced performance I was promoted as Assistant Manager in just a period of 6-7 months with the growth rate of 85%. By this time I was brimming with self-realization that I made the best decision in my life by choosing Digital marketing as my career option. Undoubtedly it is a blooming Industry.

Thank you Seven boats for giving me an opportunity to learn, achieve and excel my career in Digital Marketing field. Seven Boats is certainly an epitome of Digital marketing in Kolkata.