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Learn Advanced SEO techniques from the best SEO training institute in Kolkata (Online & Classroom). Seven Boats is the pioneer in SEO training in Kolkata since 2011. Our SEO course is highly rated and globally acclaimed by 41K+ students across 165 countries.

SEO course and training program became one of the most desired career options in Kolkata nowadays. The increasing demand for SEO professionals in the entire digital industry forced students to search for SEO courses and training programs in Kolkata

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Typically, it means the method of improvement of the contents of your website to higher its chances of visibility in search engines for relevant searches. More visibility helps you gain more credibility and authority. More credibility is proportion to more profitability. The better visibility your website contents have in the search results, the more your business attracts prospective customers.  

SEO Career Scopes in Kolkata

SEO is one of the most lucrative career options in Kolkata and significantly growing day by day. SEO provides versatile career opportunities. As SEO is the only option to drive traffic organically, businesses offer several SEO jobs such as SEO executive, SEO manager, SEO specialist, etc. 

SEO experts aren’t obliged to do only jobs, they have many other options to leverage their SEO knowledge. For example, an SEO professional can offer freelance SEO services and work from home. A business owner can use his/her SEO knowledge for increasing his/her own business via online channels without spending any money. 

With the growing scenario of online businesses, SEO became an essential skill in marketing of any business or brand. Therefore, the opportunities are huge for SEO aspirants. 

Types of SEO Training Programs in Kolkata

Various types of SEO training programs and courses are available in Kolkata.

On the basis of learning modes, there are 2 types of SEO courses – 

Online SEO courses – online courses can classified as – 

  • Recorded online video walkthrough SEO course – you can opt for a complete recorded online video walkthrough course and learn at your own pace. It’s a self-learning program and you can learn anytime, anywhere. 
  • Live instructor-led online SEO courses – you can opt for an online live SEO course to learn from your own place. You can clear your doubts by asking your instructors. Most training providers give recordings of the live classes in case you miss any class. 

Physical classroom training – classroom SEO training program is an offline and physical mode of learning. It involves both theory and practical.  


On the basis of the depths of the syllabi, 3 types of SEO courses are available in Kolkata – 

  • Beginner level SEO course in Kolkata – in this course you can learn all the basic modules of SEO. You’ll be able to understand how SEO works in an overall manner. 
  • Intermediate level SEO course in Kolkata – this course is quite deeper than beginner level. You’ll learn some advanced SEO tactics and techniques of marketing to boost SEO performances. 
  • Advanced level SEO course in Kolkata – this is a premium SEO course. For entering this course you’ll need to have completed an intermediate level course. This course involves very special secret and advanced techniques that generally SEO professionals don’t disclose in public. It’s very effective for ranking higher in the search results faster. 


Note: though all SEO trainers or SEO institutes of Kolkata don’t tell you openly about the level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or depths of the course. However, you can understand the depths by checking the training modules in detail. 

It’s highly recommended to check out the level of the course via checking the syllabus in detail rather than casually consider an SEO course.    

Who Can Join SEO Course in Kolkata?

SEO course is a skill-based course and it’s a part of digital marketing (Read more about our digital marketing course in Kolkata). SEO course enables you to learn all the necessary skills to perform SEO tasks for ranking higher in the search results. As it’s not a degree, anyone who has a learning intention can take an SEO course. 

SEO course for job seekers in Kolkata – Job seekers of Kolkata can join SEO courses for getting SEO jobs in Kolkata. There’s always a high demand for SEO experts in web development companies, eCommerce stores, media houses, and digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. 

SEO course for housewives in Kolkata – Housewives of Kolkata can take an SEO course to get a quick job or to work from home. A housewife can earn a lot of money by working as a freelancer. 

SEO course for professionals in Kolkata – Working professionals of Kolkata can also take SEO course for the betterment of the career. Professionals can shift to SEO fields or can use SEO skills as an add-on expertise. 

SEO course for students in Kolkata – as SEO is an evergreen set of skills, students of Kolkata can take SEO courses for making a lucrative career in this field. Or any degree course student can learn SEO skills for taking advantage in his/her preferred field of career. 

SEO course for business owners or entrepreneurs in Kolkata – business owners and entrepreneurs of Kolkata can learn SEO skills for growing their own business or checking their SEO experts’ work. 

After all, SEO can be learned by anyone for many purposes beyond jobs. If you’re interested to learn SEO, there are no such boundaries that can stop you from learning SEO. 

Fees of SEO Training in Kolkata

How much does an SEO training program cost in Kolkata? – Perhaps this is the most asked question we often face regarding SEO courses. 

The cost of an SEO course in Kolkata depends on many factors like – 

  • Depths of the syllabi 
  • Types of courses (online or classroom) 
  • Grade of the training institute 
  • Placement or after support record of the institute 
  • Experience and expertise of the faculty 
  • Duration of the course 
  • And many more. 

In general, the cost of SEO training programs in Kolkata widely varies from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 65,000 depending on the duration, syllabi, and placement record of the training institute. Fees of online SEO courses are lower in comparison to classroom ones. 

The average online SEO course fees range from Rs. 5000 – Rs. 10000 depending on the modules covered in the course. Classroom SEO training course fees in Kolkata typically range from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 25000 for 1 month to 3-month courses and Rs. 25000 to Rs. 45000 for 3 months to 1-year programs

The Average Salary of an SEO Professional in Kolkata

The salary of an SEO professional purely depends on his or her expertise, experience, roles of the job, and position of the job. 

In general, 

The salary of an SEO trainee in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 1 lakh – Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum. 

The salary of an SEO trainer in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 9 lakh per annum. 

The salary of an SEO analyst in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 2.5 lakh – Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum. 

The salary of an SEO strategist in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 4.5 lakh per annum. 

The salary of an SEO consultant in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 3.5 lakh – Rs. 6.5 lakh per annum. 

The salary of an SEO manager in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 3.5 lakh – Rs. 8.5 lakh per annum. 

The salary of an SEO director in Kolkata can be anything between Rs. 6 lakh – Rs. 15 lakh per annum. 


As SEO earning isn’t only dependent on jobs, freelancers’ SEO income in Kolkata varies from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3 lakh per month depending on the expertise and service type. 

If you can set up an SEO agency, there’s no income barrier, you’ll get unlimited earning opportunities. The more you scale your agency business, the higher you can earn. 

Eligibility for Entering SEO Course in Kolkata

There’s no specific qualification required to learn SEO. SEO is perfect for everyone who wants to make a living in the digital marketing field. The major requirement of this field is “a burning desire to learn” associated with basic computing, verbal communication skills, writing skills, etc. 

Why 7Boats Academy is the Best SEO Training Provider in Kolkata

  • Premier SEO training institute in Kolkata. 
  • 1 decade of trust and excellence in the SEO training field in Kolkata since 2011.  
  • Our SEO course focused on 20 % theory and 80 % practical. 
  • We have in-depth knowledge and expertise of SEO trends. 
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty team who operate a digital marketing agency, means our faculty team lives and breathes SEO every single day. 
  • More than 95 % placement record.
  • Internationally recognized course curriculum. 
  • Globally, 42000+ students over 165 countries. 
  • Internship facility with live SEO projects. 
  • 100 % satisfied students’ reviews. (Check our students’ reviews).
  • 25+ felicitations and national awards. 
  • Very competitive and affordable price. 
  • Guaranteed support after course completion.


We offer international standard best quality SEO training in Kolkata at unbelievable low price. We value relationships over money. If you’re keen to make a high income SEO career in the digital marketing field, you should seriously consider choosing our hands-on practical SEO training program. Contact our support team at +91 8017049042 for more SEO related information. 

Specialized SEO Training in Kolkata

Though the 7Boats Academy offers many professional courses, we specialize in the field of digital marketing training & search engine optimization or SEO and Web design & development. It is observed that most SEO professionals have picked up their job skills by learning from their immediate superiors or by studying online material.

They have not been ‘taught’ SEO in any professional way. The 7Boats Academy promises to change the perception that SEO is either self-taught or picked up by working with individuals who already ‘know’ SEO.

At the 7Boats Academy, SEO training is dealt in the manner of a science, as it definitely is. SEO is not something that is erratic or based on rules that are made as you go along. There is a definite knowledge and learning involved in picking up SEO and implementing that knowledge into actual work.

If you sign up with the SEO courses / SEO training of the 7Boats Academy you will understand what it is all about. In fact, we can vouch for the fact that even professionals working as SEO executives at present will learn a lot from our digital marketing training & SEO course in Kolkata.

Our course outline for SEO course in Kolkata

Seven Boats Academy is one of the top SEO training institutes in Kolkata offering the best SEO training to students & professionals. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an aspect of internet marketing which is a puzzle to many, even to those who are working in this domain for years! That is because there is no proper course in SEO that young as well as experienced minds can pick up from.

That is why the SEO learning course of 7Boats Academy is such a treat for professionals who want to learn the basics of SEO in a constructive, comprehensive way and then move to the highly advanced level of SEO training. Our SEO course syllabus contains all the details that you need to pick up to become a competent SEO professional.

The different modules of our SEO course curriculum are:

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