A New Referral Spam Makes life Difficult for Webmasters

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The words referral spamming are no alien to people working in the domain of Digital marketing. However, the new entrant to the world of spamming, the language spam is surely giving the site owners sleepless nights. This new type of spamming is spreading like weeds. The language section for many sites on Google Analytics is saying “Secret.Google.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!”

The first signs of language spamming were viewed on the 8th of November and an unfiltered view of the sites confirms that spamming is an ongoing process on them despite the political message mentioned on them with a date.

Just at the time when webmasters started thinking that they have been able to have a grip over the menace of language spamming and have found ways to deal with it, another form of referral spamming has started taking shape. This other type of spam makes it seem like several authoritative domains send traffic in your direction. Some of these referring domains are Reddit, Lifehacker, The Next Web, etc. Basically in this process, all these sites are innocent and prey to the tricks of smart hackers.

This is an issue that has victimised a number of different sites so far. Some sites have been hit by the spam in the worst way while some others are still getting hit. In case of certain websites, it is going away on its own.

Referral spam can be sent to the website with the help of bots programmed to visit a website while appearing to be a legitimate visitor. Bots programmed to send artificial hits to the Google Analytics servers can also carry such spamming devices.

No process has been discovered yet to stop referral spam completely. However, there are different ways to filter them out of all Google Analytics data of the website. Some of these methods are manual ways of handling the process while the others are all automated tools. In our next post, we would attempt at finding ways to filter this spam.

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