AI Enters Search Zone with Yandex Zen

yandex zen AI

Despite all the targeted keywords and searches, the results on your search pages are still something that is generic for all users. Anyone searching with the same keywords will probably get the same results, give or take a few changes due to geographic locations. What if searches were customized for every single individual user? Yandex, the Russia based search engine, is now entering the search engine arena with Yandex Zen, their content suite.

What’s so special about Yandex Zen that we have to sit up and take note? It uses AI, or Artificial Intelligence, to provide search results. This makes it possible for Yandex to provide results that are tailor-made for every different user. People visiting the Yandex Zen content suite, their online repository for content in the form of videos, texts, gifs and infographics, usually loiter around for more than what they intended to read initially.

The reason is simple: with individualized searches, they are more likely to pick up stories from the suite that suit their preferences. Content marketers have more opportunities to hit eyeballs. Monetizing content on the Yandex Zen content suite is easier as well. Check out what the company says about this service:

“Companies can use it to tell their stories, promote their brands, distribute marketing materialS and use native advertising to engage with their customers. For independent authors, Yandex Zen offers a means to earn money from advertising while publishing their stories to a wide audience.”

The Yandex Zen suite spills over to multiple interfaces, like mobile sites, apps and the Yandex browser. So, you will get content prompts to read on these various platforms, including the Yandex home page. The only hitch in this otherwise laudable addition to the internet is that Yandex is available only in Russia now. But there are assurances of more markets to follow soon! 

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