AMP Preferred Over Content Webpages on Google

Google AMP

As a digital marketer, you must have heard about AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is the pet project of Google and Twitter. The idea is very basic and simple: instead of a large website, complete with images, videos and pages of text, and an intricate web development format, AMPs are light and slim.

It is a website stripped down to its basic skeleton of HTML tags. As a result of this stripping down, what you get is a format that is light on the bandwidth and easy to use for viewers who want a quick check through the information contained in it.

In a recent survey, it has come to light that AMPs are more preferable to online users than regular webpage content. For reading something on the move, or for a quick glance through the content, more users are clicking on AMPs rather than taking the time to visit websites and going through the information. More than 50% of the respondents felt that they preferred clicking on AMPs for their reading material.

There has been much talk about SEO experts and what they think about AMPs. Many have their reservations about this new wave of offering information online. However, the survey clearly shows that SEO pundits have to think of ways to leverage this preference for AMPs among netizens. After all, they have to be where their audience is! Now that the end users have voiced their liking for this groundbreaking technology, digital marketers should consider using this format for their purposes.

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