Facebook 3D Photos Now on Facebook Stories


People can now share 3D Photos on Facebook Stories

Many may not know that Facebook is allowing users to upload 3D photos on the News Feed since October 2018. The craze of using Facebook 3D photos is not yet there in India, though some users are tuned into it. The photos could be uploaded only through iPhones having dual lenses. It was a niche market that Facebook wants to open up now.

To make 3D photos more popular among users, Facebook has taken several steps in the recent times. To begin with, Facebook is taking the process of uploading 3D photos to devices others than iPhones. So, you can now use Android to upload Facebook 3D photos, but the function is limited only to some editions of Samsung Galaxy from the next month. For the option to really open up to other users, it may take some time to develop the technology.

Moreover, Facebook is now allowing users to share their Facebook 3D photos on Facebook Stories as well. Previously, it was limited to News Feed. Now, 3D photos will be on Stories and they will follow the rules that 2D photos now have: they are available for 24 hours for your friends and followers to see. However, the uploading of Facebook 3D photos has to be done through the News Feed. You cannot upload them directly on Stories.

Facebook 3D Photo upload from Desktop

Facebook is also making it possible for users to upload 3D photos through their computers. But the process is a little complicated than what you would have to do through smartphones. You will need the image file along with a depth map. The trick to do it on the computer is to throw the image (a JPG or PNG file) and the depth map (a DEPTH file) into the Composer. The composer will merge the two and create your 3D photo.

The start has been made! It is now time to see how users embrace the opportunity of uploading and sharing 3D photos on Facebook.

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