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Facebook Edits App Space for Image and Text

If Facebook is high on your list of priorities when it comes to social media marketing, you have to tweak your technique a little!

Facebook app, which surely trumps its website edition when it comes to connecting through this social media platform, is making some changes. The size of the image and the amount of text you can upload is going to change from the 19th of August, 2019.

The aspect ratio of images uploaded now is 2:3. That is going to be 4:5. Any image which is taller than this aspect ratio will have to be seen after clicking on the image. As for the text, the number of lines which is 7 till the mentioned date, will be brought down to 3 after the new changes come into effect. When users want to read something extra, they have to click on the ‘Read More’ link and view it.

Digital marketers using Facebook as a tool devise their messages with appropriate images and texts, preferably to ensure that users can view the entire message without having to click. The message is written in a way so that it fits within the stipulated space. For a longer message, it is made top-heavy to ensure users get the main idea without clicking. The same goes for images. Now that the rules are going to change, social media experts have to attune their message accordingly.

The good news is that social media experts have some time on their hands to work out their strategies. Facebook feels that the new change will make ads more effective. This is what Facebook says about the change:

“[it is] designed to simplify our formats and improve the consistency of our mobile experience.”

July 23, 2019

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