Facebook Lumos: Facebook AI for Specific Image Searches

Just when you were thinking that the search engine market is saturated, Facebook has come up with a leap in how images are searched online. Rolled out under the name of Lumos, the specialty of this search is the use of highly developed artificial intelligence or AI. The crux of the idea is simple, just what path-breaking technology usually is.

Facebook Lumos AI

You upload so many pictures on Facebook. If you have to search for specific images among all of these albums, you rely on surrounding texts or photo captions, if you can remember them. Otherwise, it is quite a convoluted and pain-staking process. Facebook Lumos will help you search images easily by selecting certain internal aspects of the photo.

For example, if you are planning to glean out photos from your album having the Taj Mahal as the backdrop, you can do that! For more specifics, how about searching for photos where you wear a red T-shirt? You can do that as well! What this AI is doing is the visual equivalent of a text search. While you use particular words for a text search, here you can using visual components and cues. The AI recognizes the components in the images and returns relevant search results.

Facebook Lumos can detect a whole range of components, like backgrounds, settings, animals, clothes and color palettes in the photo to take your image searches to a whole new level altogether.

You don’t have to rely on tags or external identifiers to select the images you want to check. This feature will search not just your personal albums in your profile but also photos where you are tagged by friends.

This is just the start, if you go by what Facebook is planning ahead in this segment. Originally, this AI was designed to help visually impaired users to make sense of photos uploaded online. Now that Lumos is here, you be sure that with more machine learning on the fly, this AI will go places!

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