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Facebook marketing training in Kolkata. Advanced Facebook Marketing Course including Facebook Ads. Master Facebook marketing from Seven Boats Academy. Online & Classroom training.

Seven Boats is a premier Facebook training institute in Kolkata offering expert Facebook marketing course focusing on organic promotion as well as Facebook Ads training. Our expert trainers will guide you in designing effective Facebook marketing campaigns. 

Whether you are a seasonal Facebook user, a marketer searching for a Facebook marketing venture in Kolkata, or a business owner of Kolkata wanna leverage Facebook marketing, it’s essential to join a Facebook marketing course in Kolkata for learning the skills practically. Our Facebook marketing training in Kolkata will help you to maximize your business reach on Facebook, engage with your prospective customers, and achieve your Facebook marketing goals. 

Our Specialized Facebook Marketing Course in Kolkata

Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users (MAUs) right now. That’s almost one-third of the global population. More than 65 million brands use Facebook business pages and more than 6 million businesses promote their businesses using Facebook ads. 

Of course, it isn’t only the population size of Facebook, the success of Facebook marketing depends on the proper marketing strategies and skills. Do your Facebook marketing strategies fit your business? Are you able to represent your brand image properly? Have you targeted your prospective audience efficiently? And many more. 

Our specialized Facebook marketing classes in Kolkata are designed in a 20 % theory and 80 % practical manner. Because we know learning doesn’t make any sense without execution. As a premier Facebook marketing training Institute in Kolkata, we focus on 2 basic things – 

  • Simplicity 
  • Results

Our Facebook marketing classes enable our students to produce results through Facebook marketing strategies for any business or brand. If you’re ignoring Facebook marketing in this 21st century, you’re losing huge money on the table. 

Salient Features of Our Facebook Marketing Course in Kolkata

We have been providing Facebook marketing training in Kolkata since 2011 and we have more than one decade of domain experience with in-depth knowledge of the latest Facebook marketing trends. Our trainers are practically marketers who live and breathe Facebook marketing campaigns in their daily lives. We have designed our Facebook marketing course uniquely so that our students can easily understand the whole game and leverage Facebook marketing for any business or brand. 

Key features of our Facebook marketing course in Kolkata includes – 

  • Practical assignments on completion of each module 
  • Individual support on hands-on implementation 
  • Live projects exploration (depending on permission to access internal data)
  • Internship opportunity 
  • 100 % satisfied previous students’ reviews 
  • Placement assistance 
  • Backup classes available 
  • 24 x 7 community chat support 
  • Freelancing and business support 
  • Minimal fees structure

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Course in Kolkata

The benefits of our Facebook marketing course in Kolkata are countless. It’s necessarily not possible to figure out all the benefits in a single sitting. 

Here’re only a few benefits of our Facebook marketing training in Kolkata. 

  • You’ll learn all the vital aspects of Facebook marketing 
  • You’ll get the latest and updated Facebook marketing and advertising formats
  • You’ll learn to laser target your prospective customers efficiently
  • You can attract more traffic to your brand’s website
  • You can increase engagement rates as well as conversion and sales
  • You’ll be able to re-target your audience on the basis of behaviors 
  • You’ll learn to capture more leads in the same budget and campaign
  • You can develop customer support management on Facebook
  • You’ll learn about the best practices to manage Facebook business pages
  • You can build your brand’s community and update your offers 
  • You’ll be able to optimize Facebook presence for any business or brand
  • You’ll be able to handle Facebook marketing campaigns professionally 
  • You can grow any business or brand using Facebook marketing skills  

Scopes in Facebook Marketing in Kolkata

Facebook marketing is a lucrative field nowadays. You can leverage your Facebook marketing skills for serving other companies as well as for your own business. There’s a high demand for qualified Facebook marketing experts in the entire digital marketing field. 

After successful completion of our Facebook marketing course in Kolkata, you can become a Facebook marketing manager, Facebook marketing specialist, Facebook ads manager, Facebook ads campaign strategist, Facebook marketing consultant, Facebook public relations, and many more. 

You can also use your Facebook marketing skills for freelancing, growing your own business, etc.  

Who Can Join Our Facebook Marketing Course/Training in Kolkata

As Facebook marketing skills open various opportunities, anyone can join a Facebook marketing course in Kolkata for making a good career in the social media field. 

Students, freshers, and job seekers can learn Facebook marketing courses in Kolkata for getting a job, freelancing, and setting up online businesses. 

Professionals, housewives can join Facebook marketing training in Kolkata for upskilling and/or shifting to a better career and/or making a passive income hustle from home. 

Business owners, entrepreneurs can learn the Facebook marketing course in Kolkata for leveraging Facebook marketing skills for their own business properly and optimizing their Facebook marketing campaigns effectively to maximize the return of investments (ROIs). 

Facebook Marketing Course Outline

We cover all the aspects of Facebook marketing in our Facebook marketing training in Kolkata. Here’s only a brief of our Facebook marketing course curriculum. Our Facebook marketing course covers in-depth modules on – 

  • User psychology,
  • Introduction to Facebook,
  • Facebook marketing overview 
  • Facebook – what and why? 
  • Facebook profiles 
  • Privacy settings of Facebook profiles 
  • Profile badges on Facebook
  • Facebook vanity URLs
  • Facebook memorial pages 
  • What is Facebook search? 
  • Different user base of Facebook 
  • Facebook audience 
  • Facebook business sides 
  • Facebook followers 
  • Facebook business – why and how
  • Facebook covers, cute, and compliance
  • Edge-rank of Facebook 
  • Public figure pages on Facebook 
  • Page timelines
  • Facebook engagements 
  • Facebook promotions 
  • Sharing photos and videos on Facebook 
  • Sharing posts on Facebook 
  • Facebook tagging 
  • Facebook like buttons 
  • Facebook links
  • Pinning, hiding, and removing posts 
  • Facebook mobile app
  • Instagram with Facebook 
  • Facebook social plugins 
  • Facebook automation 
  • Facebook automation tools 
  • Facebook analytics 
  • Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Facebook marketing monetization options 
  • Future of Facebook marketing
  • Basics of Facebook (Page, Profile, Community, Groups),
  • Facebook Ad policies,
  • Facebook Ad account structuring (Ad manager, Facebook Business Manager),
  • FB Campaign structure (Campaign, Ad sets & Ad copies)
  • Facebook Ad types (Brand awareness, Reach, Conversion, App install, Video views, Events, Offers, Lead Ads, Engagement ads, Catalog sales ads, Traffic ads, Messages, Dynamic Retargeting),
  • Facebook Split Test,
  • Audience Targeting (Interest targeting, Laser targeting, look alike audience, LTV, custom audience),
  • Placement (FB, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger ),
  • Facebook ad copies (Short form, Feature, Story, Video, Carousel, Authority, Benefit, Urgency, Benefits),
  • Pixel Conversion,
  • Facebook insights and analytics,
  • Campaign budget optimization,
  • Campaign tweaking,
  • Automated rules,
  • Case studies.
Facebook Marketing Course in Kolkata by Seven Boats Academy

Facebook Marketing Modules

Eligibility to Enroll Our Facebook Marketing Course in Kolkata

Facebook marketing is a set of skills. However, there is no such qualification required to learn Facebook marketing. But you will need – 

  • Basic computer operation skills 
  • Internet navigation skills 
  • English writing and communication skills 
  • Analytical skills 
  • Basic marketing knowledge (if you don’t have any previous marketing knowledge, don’t worry, we’ll teach you)

Why 7Boats is the Best Facebook Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata

  • More than one decade of training experience in Kolkata 
  • Bright history of 100,000 + students across the globe
  • 25 + national awards and felicitations  
  • 50 + recruitment partners 
  • More than 95 % placement record 
  • Industry expert instructors who live and breathe the domain on a daily basis 
  • International standard curriculum
  • Internship facility with live projects explorations 
  • Flexible timing and customized course duration as per requirement 
  • Wi-Fi lab available for practice  
  • Globally accepted certificate after completion
  • Entrepreneurship and business support through Govt. and non Govt. tech incubation partners 
  • Students’ rating 4.8 out of 5 on Google   

If you have more questions or need any guidance to make a successful career in the digital marketing industry, we are here to help you. Just make a call to us.

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