Facebook Measures Reach of Post & Page by Actual Views

Facebook page views - new measurement metric

Starting this February 12, Facebook will bring some changes in how the viewership of a post is measured.

Previously, the reach or view-ability of a post was measured by how many times it has appeared on the news feed of a user. This measurement was a strong factor in ad revenue earnings on Facebook. In the recent times, Facebook is bringing about a change because it feels that the previous metric was not an actual indicator of what the ground reality is.

Merely appearing on the user’s news feed does not mean that the user has checked it out or viewed it. The user may not scroll down or up to check it at all! Yet, it was measured as a viewing.

February 12 on, a post will only be measured as a view if it appears on the screen of the user. Simply appearing on the news feed is not going to cut the mark. The user needs to see it on his screen, irrespective of the device. Facebook expects this change to make searches and measurements more consistent and accurate.

As is obvious, initially, the measurements will be quite low compared to the old method. After all, there are more reaches registered by just appearing on a news feed as compared to being visible on a screen. However, going forward, it will help digital marketers and everyone in the arena to get a better command over this important metric.

To ensure a seamless transition, Facebook will continue to have the old metric method in place in the overview section of Page Insights. You can make a comparative study and figure out the way forward.

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