Google Ads App Offers More Features

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Do you want to manage your Google ads more efficiently through Google ads app on your smartphone? Then there is good news that Google ads app has now brought a few cool features.

If the answers are yes, none less than Google is here to bail you out!

Google Ads App Responsive Search Ad feature

Yes, Google is adding a slew of features that will help advertisers using the Google Ads app to do more with their ads. For example, Google Ads app will now have a feature to create Responsive Search ads. You will able to not just create, but also edit responsive search ads from the Google Ads app. To borrow the words of Google, you can create the ad copy, work on the headline of the ad and manage the budget and bids all from your smartphone while you commute to work in the morning!

Google Ads app – negative keywords management & smart bidding

Moreover, recommendations form a major addition to the existing features. You will be able to tweak the list of negative keywords or pull out keywords that are not performing as well. You will be to work on the strategies of Smart Bidding. Additionally, you will also be able to receive notifications that will help you boost the overall performance of the ads across the board.

Local search segment

There is a feature that will enable small businesses to tap into the local search segment. Even if you have not enabled store visits management feature, you will be able to work on the local search data. Right now, Google is working on ads for local searches that will help small businesses highlight their information specific to products, along with various offers.

The list of new features also include placing ads on Google Maps. With this feature, Google will help businesses identify themselves along the route taken by a user. There is the option of Google ads showing up on searches conducted on Google Maps. The prompts for the ad can be searches conducted by the user in the past or from signals pulled up by Google Maps.

If you want to know more about these new features, keep an eye out for the Google Marketing Live streaming that will happen soon. Details, features and other information will be available then.

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