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Google Analytics Interview Questions

Top 25+ Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

1. What do you mean by Analytics?

Analytics is the disclosure and correspondence of various examples in information. It helps us settling on better choice, it works like a client’s input to a specific item/benefit. Computerized Analytics is a mix of numerical measurements and PC programs.

2. What do you analysis most often in Google Analytics? OR what is the most important things in Google Analytics you will want to analysis?

Google Analytics gives a heaps of information and bits of knowledge and each information example is vital yet at the same time there are a few ranges where we can concentrate more like: – Traffic Sources – Bounce and Exit Rate – Top Performing Pages/Landing Pages – Unique Vs. Returning Visitors – Funnel and Goal Conversions .

3. What is event tracking?

Event tracking involves includes the Google Analytics code customization and is utilized to track a specific occasion/action on a site like a tick, document download or some other change.

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