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Google analytics training course – Online and classroom (Kolkata). Become a Google Analytics certified specialist. Web analytics training course.

The seventh chapter of our Digital Marketing Course , deals with, Google Analytics. Well we all know how important it is, for a online marketer to have good understanding of Analytics. It is helpful to comprehend the result of our Digital Marketing Activity.

It is very obvious that we have to start the chapter with the definition of analytics based on traffic statistics. Then we would explain what you would get from this analytics. Now the next thing would be to check and be able to derive custom report. Yes, you also have to understand how to check and setup analytics tracking code, so then next topic would explain that process.

Well, in the era of Ecommerce, it is also very important to Ecommerce analytics plugin for wordpress. So our chapter would also explain that to you. After that you have to obviously learn the process of Ecommerce Tracking.

Now the final part of the chapter would include the topics like Goal Setup and Funnel View. The chapter would be concluded when you would be able to derive decision from data.

So to summarize the main understanding from this chapter would be:-

  • Now you would know, where your visitors are coming from and would be able to comprehend, if you’re targeting a specific audience.
  • You would be able to understand how your visitors feel about your website. This is specially required understand  which of your efforts are paying off.
  • You would know which web browser your visitors are using, so this would make you understand which browser you have to focus on.
  • You would know which keywords did your visitors use, to get your website. Its important from the SEO perspective.

So after completion of this chapter you would be to deal with all these aspects of Analytics.

Course Curriculum

Google Analytics
Google Analytics – What to do and what to get? 00:20:00
Google Analytics is the tool that provides data and statistics about websites and the internet in general. To have access to the information, one needs a Google account. The data gleaned from Google Analytics is used by internet marketers, including Search Engine Optimization professionals, to develop online marketing strategies and branding. The information is available free through a Google account.
Analytics Tracking Code 00:10:00
With the use of a basic web page tracking code, you will be able to measure data about your website through Google Analytics. After you install the tracking code through the following steps, it usually takes about a day for the data to show up on Analytics.
Analytics Goal Setup 00:15:00
Goal in Analytics mean the same as it does in everything else. It refers to the objectives of a website or mobile app. Online marketers set up a Goal on Analytics to find out how well their website or mobile app has satisfied or met the desired objectives. The objectives can be varied. It can be a sale, a subscription to a newsletter or even completing the level of a mobile app game.
Analytics Funnel View 00:15:00
Google Analytics provides you with tools to study and collect data throughout the entire duration of a sales process. Once a customer enters the ambit of the marketing funnel, Analytics is able to report every step of the way. This data helps you to understand how the user moves forward or leaves through one of the leaks in the funnel.
Analytics Ecommerce tracking and WordPress plugin 00:15:00
With the help of plugins from Analytics, webmasters are able to track user information. For popular platforms for ecommerce sites like WordPress, there are a number of plugin options available. With this information, ecommerce site owners are about to strategize and improve their revenues. They are also able to study user psychology, even buying patterns.
Google Analytics Tracking Code Installation in WordPress 00:10:00
How to Check Analytics and Derive Custom Report 00:10:00
A custom report is prepared with the dimensions that you require. It is in a personalized format. You have to liberty to pick and choose the parameters that you want to measure.
Google Analytics Audience Overview 00:10:00
What is cross domain measurement in analytics? 00:15:00
Google Analytics – Explanation Excel Sheet 00:30:00
Get this handy excel sheet for a brief reference about key terms in analytics.
Solved Question Answer for Analytics 01:00:00
72 Questions You Need to Know for the Google Analytics IQ Exam
Google analytics guidebook 00:30:00
Introduction to Google Data Studio 00:30:00
Live Online Classes
Google Analytics Class – Hindi- Live Online Zoom Class-VM-2342020 01:30:00
Google Analytics Class Recap [Elaborated] – Live Online Classes-VM-2342020 02:30:00

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