Google Announces Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

The general practice at Google is that they don’t announce algorithm updates. This is because these updates are not events at Google. They happen every single day, sometimes twice in a single day. However, Google announced a Broad Core Algorithm update recently that was different from the usual ones. These updates don’t happen every day, but numerous times in a year. Google labels them as Broad Core Algorithm Update.

In this latest update, the low ranking websites are not at the epicentre. Danny Sullivan of Google clarified that low ranked websites don’t really have anything wrong happening to them. So, there’s no real quick fix that can be applied to them, other than the general one of improving the content on the website. This update is not meant to ‘target’ low ranking websites.

Instead, these are some facts we have compiled about Google’s update:

  • Improving search results, which is always the primary focus of this search engine giant
  • Declaring that low ranking websites don’t really have anything that can be fixed
  • Hinting at bringing up the quality of content, even though that is not the only criterion

The main reason why Broad Core Algorithm update is seeing so much of media attention is that SEO pundits and experts usually blame the poor showing and ranking of their websites on Google’s updates. This is the time when Google takes out this blame game from the equation. So, if your website is losing ranking, it is not because of the update. And you can’t do anything specific to counter the slide.

This is not to penalize or come down heavily on low ranked websites. This is about improving search results.

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