Google Launches Website Builder for Small Businesses

Officially Live: Google My Business Launches Website Builder. This tool give you: Custom domain name, It's mobile friendly, Drives calls and visits, Automatically updates, You can manage it on your mobile phone, You can easily place ads on them
google launches website builder in google places for business

Many small business owners shy away from having a website for their products and services because they are worried about the charges to build and maintain a website. Google wants to change this scenario! It has launched a website building program, called ‘Website’. With this easy website building tool, anyone with a small business can build a website on their own. You can do it on your computer or even a smartphone!

According to stats available with Google, about 60% of the world’s small business owners don’t have a website. This is hurting their business and the search engine giant wants to change the picture through this new tool, Website. This tool is available under the umbrella of Google My Business. So, if you want to use this tool, you have to fill up your profile on Google My Business.

With the information you put up on your profile page, the website’s information bank will be populated. After that, you can customize your website with images and textual material. For those who are using the Google My Business tool for the first time, you will get an automated prompt to build a website through the new tool. If you go ahead, the tool will be made available to you.

In the default mode, your new website’s domain name would be ‘’. You can purchase your own domain through the Settings panel on your account. Then, your newly built site will be automatically linked with the newly purchased domain name. On the flip side, this new website building tool may not be as sophisticated or feature-rich that modern websites usually are. But then, as a small business owner with no online presence, this is definitely a step forward in the right direction!

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