Google Lens Optimizes Your Smartphone Camera

google lens

You see the ad world bombarded with better than before smartphone cameras. But none of them can do to your smartphone camera what Google Lens can when it is launched as a standalone app! Recently, Google showcased the various features of the Google Lens. The crux of the matter is that it promises to optimize what you can do with the camera of your smartphone. You will be able to do so much more than just take photos to upload. Together with Google Assistant, Google Lens will inject more sense into these mobile device cameras.

Here are some of the functions you can perform with Google Lens:

  • With photos taken through the camera, Lens will be able to identify the object of the camera’s attention and search the web, throwing up allied pictures and results.
  • Simply by taking a picture of a WiFi name and password, you can connect to the WiFi network in question! Hard to believe, but it was demonstrated by Google’s Sundar Pichai at an event.
  • You can take a photo of a restaurant menu in a foreign language and Lens will offer you a translated version of the menu, complete with photos of the food items mentioned in the menu.
  • By taking a photo of a restaurant or a pub, you can read its reviews, working hours and detailed information about the establishment, just as you would get in a standard Google search.
  • Planning for a movie show? Take a photo of the theatre and Lens will assist you in buying tickets and even add the day and time to Google Calendar!

You will have to wait a little for the app to be launched. But when it does, your smartphone camera will have a much improved job description!   

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