Google Set to Revamp Desktop Homepage


Have you noticed the difference in the home page of Google while using the Android or iOS app as opposed to its desktop version? What are the differences you see? The most marked one has to be the news feeds that show up on the app even as you type in your keywords in the search box.

This news feed can be manually controlled to show news stories of your interest. If you are not logged in with an id, you are shown generic news items that feature high on Google’s list.

In the desktop edition, however, you see nothing more than the search box and the famed Google logo. No news feed come up, even if you are logged in. That is set to change! In a dramatic revamp to the Google home page that has remained constant since 1996, the desktop edition of the home page will feature news feed, just like it does on the Google apps for smartphones.

This will completely change the way you look at Google and its unchanging home page, despite the internet being such a dynamic medium.

In the meanwhile, Google is working hard to develop its predictive functions that trigger the news feed which you see on the home page of the app version. As of now, you can have feed that is allied to your interest.

In the coming days, you will surely find better feed prompts as Google fine-tunes its ability to predict correctly and accurately what the user is looking for and might be interested in. How digital marketers can use this function when it comes to the desktop editions as well will have to be seen!

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