How to access courses?

Learn how to Register/Login with Seven Boats Academy's Learning Management System (LMS) & access the course modules. Seven Boats Academy's LMS can be accessed via mobile or desktop browsers , Desktop app or via Android Mobile app (on Google Play)

Important Instructions

  1. You can get our android app on Google play store or install desktop app for Windows Chrome or IE or directly browse the site by typing url : through mobile or desktop browsers.
  2. Directly sign in & login via your Gmail id, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft etc without creating any new account or password. For Gmail/Social login you can directly login and access every time the same way.
  3. Or else create a new account /password to access our courses (Don’t forget to check your email inbox for verification / activation email if you create new account for sign in).
  4. In case of login issues, refresh the page (ctrl+f5 on windows or command+shift+R on Mac) or clear the browser cache and cookies or reset your mobile app (in case you are using our Android mobile app) or reset your password or contact our support for further help.
  5. Do not login to this app in private tab of Mozilla or Chrome incognito tab.
  6. Follow the tutorials below.

How to login / sign up (Screenshots)

Step 1

Open or directly go to step 2 open

How to access courses? 1 - Screenshot 490
How to access courses? 7

Step 2

How to access courses? 2 - Screenshot 491
In case of creating a new account, check your email for account activation email.

Step 3

Once you login you will see your name or profile pic as below and click on it.

How to access courses? 3 - Screenshot 494
How to access courses? 8

Step 4

How to access courses? 4 - Screenshot 495
Click on dashboard or my courses

Step 5

You will be now in your course dashboard to continue learning.

How to access courses? 5 - Screenshot 496
How to access courses? 9

Video Tutorials

How to access courses from mobile browsers or desktop browsers

Compatible with Windows 10/NT or lower, Mac OS., Ubuntu or Android / iOS/ Windows browsers.

Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari or Opera

Net connection: 4G/3G

Open IE, chrome or Safari or Mozilla on Mobile or desktop. Visit . Click on login button at top right corner. Follow this video below.

Alternatively you can visit and follow this video tutorial. or download the Android mobile app and follow this tutorial.

Access from Mobile Browsers

Access from Laptop / Desktop Browsers

How to access courses from Mobile App (Android Mobile App on Google Play)

You must have Android OS and Google Chrome set as your default browser on your smartphone.

Compatibility: Android Version 11 or lower & Google Chrome 87.0.4280.141, 88.0.4324.152, 91.0.4472.120 or lower.

Net connection: 4G/3G

If you need to rest the app or clear app cache follow this tutorial.

Download SevenBoats Mobile App

Google Play

How to access courses from desktop (Alternate way)

Compatible with Windows 10/NT or lower, Mac OS., Ubuntu

Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari

Net connection: 4G/3G

Visit: and check the video below.

How to install our Desktop App for Windows Chrome or IE

How to reset / clear cache of Seven Boats Mobile App

Long press the Seven Boats App icon on your smart phone –> Click on App info –> click on storage & cache and follow this video tutorial below.

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