Identify Annoying Ads through New Google’s Tool

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We had written earlier about a strict policy of Google towards ads appearing on websites. Recently, the search engine giant has come up with a tool called Ad Experience Report. The purpose of this tool is to help website publishers to identify ads that are annoying for them, and probably detrimental to their brand value.

The Coalition for Better Ads, an online watchdog for ads appearing on the internet, has a set of guidelines that online ads have to follow. This set of guidelines is known as Better Ads Standards. The new tool of Google will check if the ads appearing on your website are following the guidelines laid down in these standards. If publishers want further clarification or want to check ads for themselves, they can refer to the recently updated best practices guide of Google.

The Ad Experience Report of Google will provide screenshots and video links of ads which are annoying users. That way, publishers can identify and take action against ads. Google is not keeping this fight against annoying online ads limited to this new tool. According to official information, Chrome, the web browser from the stable of Google, will permanently block annoying ads identified by the Ad Experience Report.

By the start of 2018, this new feature will roll off for users. So, if website ads on your site are not adhering to the Better Ads Standards, Chrome will not display these ads when a user checks into the website.

There’s another feature about ads lurking around the corner: Funding Choices. With this feature, users can have the option to pay for an ad-free online experience. Publishers will accept the payment and provide an ad-free page for users. Publishers can make money while getting rid of ad blockers.

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