Instagram has recorded 600 Million Users

Instagram Stories, links, mentions and Boomerang mode, Shopping features, Live video rolling

It took Instagram only 6 months to gain 100 million users in its kitty and increase the number of its users from half a billion to 600 million. Through a blog post, Instagram announced this news to share its proud possession of this huge group of followers.

This incident proves that the last 6 months have proved to be a defining time for the reach of Instagram community. The platform now offers even more diverse ways of sharing image based information with the help of Instagram stories. You get safety tools for the shared videos, images to have better control over comments left by users. The team has always planned to make instagram a lot safer for self-expression of the users.

Instagram has started showing a faster growth rate since December 2014. After the latest announcement the growth rate of this social sharing site has shot up by a larger equation. This acceleration in its growth is indeed a sign of a bright future of this company. User-friendly features have made Instagram even bigger than Twitter that has recorded a monthly growth of 313 million.

The magnanimous growth of Instagram can be attributed to multiple changes that this social sharing site has made in last six months. The list includes,

  • Instagram Stories, the Snapchat like feature that lets users creating videos and images that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Updates of Instagram Stories such as, links, mentions and Boomerang mode.
  • Shopping features for a number of major brands and retailers.
  • Live video rolling out within Instagram Stories.

So, all brands and retailers have finally got 100 million more reasons for having their own Instagram profiles. Marketing is about to get better and more effective on this social networking site.

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